A MUD(dy) American Idol

MyOwnJudge.net - MUD Cosmetics American IdolTurning on the television set often becomes a scavenger hunt if you’re watching a reality show or a popular prime-time series. Stylists and brands compete to be your household’s keepsake, and a thirty second commercial just doesn’t do the trick anymore. MyOwnJudge.net - MUD Cosmetics American Idol

The magic really happens when you products are actually being used onscreen. How many times have you wondered what lip gloss or foundation an artist or character was sporting, or where you can get that exact top? Now how many times did you find an answer that actually pointed you somewhere instead of creating an inspiration and letting you go forth with a silhouette and a compass? Not today.

Photo Credit: American Idol

If you’ve been following American Idol, you’re almost ready to crown a new artist as your favorite for the season. Though long ago it seemed that an Idol winner would only have fifteen minutes in the spotlight, the new crop of artists are weathering through the times (or maybe they have more talent? What do you think?). Even if they stay back on the chopping block, they almost always undergo a style makeover.

The performers on American Idol have been getting gussied up with the help of Make-Up Designory (MUD) as the foundation for their pretty faces to grace plenty an HD (or non-HD) screen across the country. Show makeup artists use the brand’s foundation and concealer palettes to start the looks and count on the product to last through every agonizing commercial break to find out who made it to the next week.

The brand has comprehensive kits for artists varying in light and dark shades, but if you want to perfect your makeup application skills, start by purchasing a single shade for yourself.  I used to be a fan of moisturizing my skin and then going straight to bronzer and mascara before jetting for the door, but a little bit of foundation and a couple of concealer dots around the eyes really pulls a look together.

My favorite feature of the website is that there is a chart explaining how to apply the product on your face, and where to do it. The foundation page shows you what spots aren’t to be missed, and the corrector page advises on the motions in which you should apply product (I always thought to pull from the inside of the eye out, but apparently I’ve been terribly mistaken!).

Who’s your Idol fave?

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