Respect the OG

MyOwnJudge - Diane KeatonWhen I was younger, I would also try to prove to my mother how great the evolution of fashion made the youth, and how much more knowledge we possessed. As I grew up, I realized that the situation was out of my reach. I was talking foolishness to the Original Gangsters (fashionwise at least) and trying to claim the youth played a part in reinventing the wheel. Now I know that everything I get excited about has already come full circle in the cycle that is trending, and even all the new concepts pay homage to predecessors.

Image Credit: Zimbio

So it was to no surprise of mine when I spotted pictures of Diane Keaton walking the streets of New York reprising her Annie Hall wardrobe, high waist wide leg pants and turtle neck belted just right. But what was this? Do I spy no one (not two), but three leopard print bangles? (looks a lot like Dannijo) And is that a contrasting red clutch with an uber cute (and super popular Kate Spade Large Dots iPhone case?). Yes, indeed I did. And it just reminded me – she’s an OG and we’re the students. Let’s all tip a hat to Annie err… Diane!

p.s. Her walk and shots came out as though intended for a personal style blog!

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