Milan Fashion Week – Colorful Males

MyOwnJudge Milan Fashion Week Enrico CoveriMilan Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2012 is going full steam ahead, just as the first days of summer are registering on the calendars. The front rows for the shows seem to be more star studded than New York Fashion Week (and I’m surprised because it’s all the US people taking up the seats!).

The men’s shows are nothing new in the realms of structure and sewing techniques. If you ever doubt the dependable nature of a man, don’t doubt the menswear. From button downs to blazer, every tuck is in the right place for perfect draping. Once there, the standout becomes the styling and pairing of the outfit with (or without) accessories… and color!MyOwnJudge Milan Fashion Week Enrico CoveriAs you may have found out through several rants about the love of color, yours truly is a fan. Make it bright and it’s all right. But on men? I can dig a pink shirt or pastels, but when the fellas start encroaching on floral territory, or pairing on trend hues straight from the girly racks, my eyebrows head upwards. Designer Enrico Coveri‘s collection was decked out with the best of the best sun-kissed colors and (tastefully) bright pairings.MyOwnJudge Milan Fashion Week Enrico CoveriI’m just not sure I’m sold on a guy in floral pants. The above paisley and graphic linear prints in vibrant colors (or the pairing of khaki and coral) are a great infusion of fashion into what is normally seen as drab navy and browns of the menswear, but florals? Verdict is still out.

Image credit: Zimbio

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