An Orange Battle Cry


As I have gotten older, I have come to understand more and more the need to give back. It has come as both gratitude for the ways in which I have been blessed, and a passion for causes that come closer and closer to my heart.

One of these is Cycle for Survival. An event where you do a mass exercise (think hundreds of people) and raise money for rare cancer research. Picture this: an Equinox fitness location (or whatever trendy fitness location you have in your neck of the woods – you’ll understand the specific club reference shortly) where all the equipment has been removed from the floor and replaced by stationary bikes. There is an instructor in the center every hour for four hours and each one leads a pom pom pumping, cheer inducing, sweaty good time.

Cycle for Survival was what you can call a grassroots fundraising event. It was founded by Jennifer Goodman Linn. She was a member of the Equinox fitness clubs and a patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering patient. She found cycling as the outlet and safe haven while dealing with her diagnosis, and though she lost her battle with cancer, her mission has been pushing those involved to do more research and more magic since. Memorial Sloan Kettering owned and operated the event with Equinox as the founding partner.

The event is now past the decade mark and 2017 is marking the 11th year of fundraising and over 100million going directly to researching and curing rare cancers. From having participated in Cycle for Survival events to knowing people close to my heart and less so who have benefitted from the research, I have become a dedicated C4S foot soldier.

And because there is absolutely no smooth segue from the serious talk to makeup, I will just say that the go to color for Cycle for Survival (C4S) is orange. So let’s see which oranges are quickest to catch your fancy when coming to liquid lip colors, shall we?

Side note: I have an absolute obsession with liquid lip color, and though I probably can add regular lipstick and lipgloss to this comparison/listing – why in the world would I?

Click on the images above to get a closer look at the colors I have picked from my current stash. I talked a friend into being my swatch model to see how the colors appear on a darker skin tone as well. I also didn’t take the photos in exactly the same lighting, but those are lessons to learn at another time!

Tulle: ColourPop | Squash: Lime Crime
Flame of the Game: Wet ‘n Wild | Mama: ColourPop
Matte Bright: Black Radiance | Turnt: Magnolia Makeup
Love Bug: ColourPop | Shroom: Lime Crime

Are there any causes close to your heart? Name them below! Do you own any orange lip colors?

If you care to donate to C4S, here is my page for the event I will be partaking in shortly. If you have none to give, no worries! Hop on over to Equinox to get their snap code. They will be donating $1 every time the C4S filter is used through March 12. I’m fuzzy on the specifics of where you have to be geographically for the filter to pop up, but give it a try either way!

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