Accessories at H&M, a Review


When it comes to jewelry, do you feel like your aesthetic is forever the same?

Way back in my teen years, I had an affinity for large rocks (of course they weren’t real!) and kitschy comic-y designs at the same time. I would be doing my best Real Housewives impersonation one day and collect Kenneth Jay Lane strawberry necklaces the next (do you remember these? Am I aging myself? And YES, I made myself broke for no reason with those suckers!). It took a lot of honing my taste things breaking and turning my fingers green (GAH!) before I stopped buying everything. Continue reading “Accessories at H&M, a Review”

Barr + Barr Sample Sale

MyOwnJudge - Barr + Barr GiveawayWhile I was overjoyed for Gertrude who won the Barr + Barr giveaway, nothing would make me happier than to own one for myself. Perfect timing for wishes as their sample sale is coming up. What beats owning a luxury handbag? Getting it for half off or more! If you’re from New York, or the surrounding area, you better believe I’ll be seeing you there!

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Pop the Cork!

Fred Flare at ShopStyle

The cork trend has been weaving in and out of spring arrivals (and has been sticking around for summer) for several years now. Every single year there is another brand jumping on the wagon and allowing for more choices.

Sure the cork trend is cute, but you can’t just glue your wine bottle corks together and walk on ’em right? This year has embraced the cork and it has come in various shapes and sizes. It even got the red sole treatment (in different variations too)!

Cork shoes and accessories are perfect for warmer weather due to their light weight and casual feel. Depending on what material and color is used along with the product, you can wear it into the night. The neutral coloring of the cork blends well with all skin tones and all outfits. Dress it up with bright color accessories, clothing, or makeup. It really serves as a blank canvas for you to work your creative side. I’d love to see y’all display some royal blue toesies peeping out of a cork sandal, or a neon green tank with a cork clutch. You can even match up the accessories in shoes, handbags, and jewelry without it going too overboard. When the trend is over and you stop feeling the style, remember you can just use pushpins in ’em and have stylish paperweights. 🙂 


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Sunrise, Sunset

La Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetAs I sat at my laptop marveling at the beautiful scenery all around the new watch collection on La Mer Collection‘s website, I kept singing Fiddler on the Roof‘s Sunrise Sunset (and though the characters in the song sing about people getting older and time flying, I thought the same about having done nothing for the day and it being past midnight).La Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetThe site is super user friendly, allowing you to preview what the watch would look like, while simulating the background (all tropical and worry free, in case you were wondering – no rain or work there!). Your time and numerous time zones are listed in the top left corner, as the narrative scrolls below.

The super affordable watches ($48) are perfect for summer (or mom!), with a band that’s of a comfortable enough material to withstand the heat without frying your wrist or peeling off a layer of skin. Plus – whether you’re like me and sweat like a nervous tick from the lightest activity, or you’re a sports fan (or fanatic…), the watch lets you sweat it all out without ruin.La Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetNight (you can tell what time I was drafting this!)La Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetSunriseLa Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetMiddayLa Mer Collection Sunrise/SunsetSunset

Which part of the day are you? Night owl? Morning person?

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Scarf It Down

Nothing welcomes in a cold front like a piece of fabric around your neck. I’m a huge fan of ombre colors and pashminas every shade of the rainbow. My recent interest in knitting and crochet has also added to the scarf maze. My new goal? A pretty cowl, or infinity scarf.

There are different variations available, from the chunkiest knits for warmth, to the thinnest strands to replace a necklace. If you want to wrap it around your neck more than once, make sure that when trying on, it measures around your neck to your waist on both the right and left side at least.

How about if you want to put the scarf under your outfit and utilize it for it’s optimal warmth qualities? If using a scarf that can wrap (as opposed to a cowl), flatten out the ends into your sweater or blazer. This acts as an extra layer on your torso and adds quite a bit of warmth.

If you’re toting a scarf for just in case purposes, there’s always the option of wrapping it around yourself like a diva (I love the look!) over any outfit. From T-shirts to peacoats, a scarf on top never looks bad. Check out the look above for the different styles, and as always, clicking on the image brings you to the retailer.

What’s your scarf style?

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Paul Smith does a Double Wrap

MyOwnJudge - Paul Smith SS11Trending on the streets originates from heavy research and people watching. People invariably end up ruling on which trends they want to appear next, but in cycles. The colors, the fabrics, the shapes, and the accessories; they all get a vote in one way or another, even if you don’t notice your impact.

The Paul Smith collection featured plenty of menswear inspired pieces for women, but most interesting was the use of belts in the show. Gone was the large belt used to suck in a third to half of the female ribcage (and how wonderfully do they do it!), and instead there were two to four belts layered and criss crossed over one another to take up just as much space, but in a new and more interesting way.

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If you’re looking to double or triple up on your belts, you can start your internet shopathon searching for “double wrap” belts. These are made in twice the length of a normal belt, and thus you can wrap it around yourself and make it double. Pockets feeling the pinch (or you want to create your own color combo)? Use regular belts (especially mens) and wrap it around and criss cross. Voila!

How do you belt it?

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