Socks and Heels – Do or Don’t?

MyOwnJudge - Rihanna Fashion Don'tThe pros and cons of fame are known to many. Sure you have money and all the good stuff, but then there’s the lack of privacy, and constant microscope that you’re under. What you eat, text, and read becomes a matter of public speculation. So it’s only right we limit our interests to their closet. Fashion, it can be argued, is a take no prisoners

Photo Credit: HotCelebsHome

Enter into the courtroom: Rihanna. The lady in red attended the Miu Miu Spring ’11 show in London with an ankle length dress, a fur stole (probably faux). As is given with RiRi, she had her fab red hair (pinned back with a sideswept bang), bold accessories (yellow hoops with embellishments), fiery red nail polish, and pumps.

But the socks! Sure she picked a dress with a red, white, and black, and sure, all the red (hair, lips, nails, heels) extras pull out the red in the dress, but there was no need to pull the blue from the dress as well. Most certainly not with socks. Almost looks like Dorothy went to see the Wizard.

Sorry RiRi. The judgement for me is very much guilty.

What’s your verdict? Do or don’t? Guilty or innocent?

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