Hollywood Is Dead

MyOwnJudgeHollywood took a digital sacrifice for World AIDS Day, benefiting the Keep A Child Alive charity today as the big names declared their social media accounts dead. Twitter accounts for Serena Williams, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, etc. are mum until they reach their goal of a million dollars in donations.

So far, there are a bit over $60,000 on the BuyLife site. You can donate online or by texting ‘BuyLife’ or any of the celebs names to 90999 (Kim for Kim Kardashian, Alicia for Alicia Keys, Janelle for Janelle Monae, etc.).

Though a worthy cause, it leaves me wondering, if some people would delay donations for several days of Twitter chatter silence. Don’t let those temptations keep you from adding your voice to supporting the cause though.

How are you making a change on World AIDS Day?

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