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A perfect song to start the Monday off right. It’s fun, catchy, and a little feisty. enjoy your week!

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Milf in a Rampage

MOJ NOTDWhile most of you read the title and expected a hack (god forbid) or some drama where Yaya surely lost her head, I am only using two of the names of polishes in the line of Illamasqua polishes I got from Sephora not too long ago.

I even almost forgot to post it for you guys until I was watching the NAACP Image Awards tonight and read about MissMerli’s woes over Keri Hilson’s┬áchoice of accessories. (p.s. check YouTube for Monique & Tyler Perry’s speeches. They were inspirational to me) Check the image here. The problem was mostly in the details. The fact that there was one single glove. Not a la Michael Jackson. A la ‘I am a socialite returning from a ball and had too many glasses of wine and now I have no idea where my second glove is.‘ I even suggested she sported the single glove to mask the fact that her manicure was not completed on the other hand. Shoot, I’ve done similar things!

Keri Hilson NAACP

As I carefully zoomed in on Miss Keri Baby’s nails though, I spotted a very familiar minty green. Is hers Illamasqua? If it’s not, it sure should’ve been. Here’s how the polish looked on me:

As you can probably tell, the left is with flash and the right is without flash. The color looks a bit like both pictures depending on what light you’re looking at it under. Check out the pic below for what the color looks like with average indoor lighting.

This color is Milf. I tried to see if I could do a stripe NOTD with Rampage but took the tape off my nails too early. I am still learning this process of doing diagonal stripes. Previously, I used to do it free hand, but as soon as I get my timing and pressure down right with this tape nonsense, I will be amazing. The day will come!

See the uneasy wiggles around the diagonal? Work in progress.

Has a celebrity rocked your favorite mani?

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