Covering Up Is Sexy Too

MyOwnJudgeEva Mendes was giving another display of effortless style yesterday, at the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Award Nominations Press Conference with a floral maxi dress jumper. Cap sleeves with a demure v-neck (or possibly a wrap, or mock wrap?), the jumper had a navy sash pulling out the shade from the busy pattern (tip: always use a solid color to separate busy patterns).

Mendes proved what your (okay my) mother has always said. Covering up, or, not showing that much skin is sexy too.

Want to copy the look? A maxi dress will do the same job a jumper would. To keep the dress lightweight and movement friendly, choose one in jersey or silk material. Cold outside? Wear some opaque stockings underneath, and maybe some boots (it’s a maxi dress, you can’t tell!), but be sure to spray on some static free spray!

How do you like Eva’s look?

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Maxi-mum Exposure

Does anyone remember when the maxi dress became the ideal and most coveted summer day to glam full outfit item?

I’m not sure I remember the exact year, but I know that all I needed was to see one and I was hooked. Me. Hooked…

Now listen here y’all. Yaya is not a dress/skirt type of gal. Don’t let the collection of said items fool you.

Chiffon Maxi Dress Dereon Diva Long Dress click for zoom

Apple Bottoms $74.99 || Dereon $74.25 || C&C California $117

I know there are plenty of full figured, thick thighed, curvy, voluptuous and whatever else you like to call yourself women out there that are nodding their heads as they hear this: the friction of the summer doesn’t do a single kind thing to my lower half without pants or shorts to protect it. It means I don’t like sticking to meself while walking and will only put myself through such practices, when said practices will be minimal in time.

My summer uniform has and always will be a pair of bermuda shorts and most likely an obnoxiously bright colored top. Until the maxi. Call it what you may, but I think a woman looks like an earth mother goddess in them thaaangs & shoot everytime I put one on, I feel super snazzy. It’s the long gown effect without having a glitz and glamour night out.

click for zoom click for zoom

Dereon $59.00 || Alice & Olivia $385 || Adam $237.50

What else calls out to me about it?

The long flowy fabric (I find that the maxis out of jersey or jersey-like material are the most comfy) makes me feel like a female version of a hustla

The item is one single item that completes my whole outfit for the day. I call that time efficient.

I don’t have to worry about if my shorts are showing from underneath or if it rises too much when I bend or sit. Nor do I have to walk around with red press marks from the chairs, benches, subways, and whatever else my legs tend to lean on.

BB Dakota-The Moxie Dress BB Dakota-The Garner Silk Habotai Maxi Dress click for zoom

BB Dakota $60.00 || BB Dakota #64.95 || Sheri Bodell $459

The length of the dress relieves the pressure of cutting up my feet with heels to be cute. The continuous straight line of the dress adds length and slims my frame. So I can rock those flats with nary a worry.

And above all else – every store has options for this rootin tootin type of dress in a variety of shapes: halter, tube top, v-neck, one shoulder, ruffled, boatneck, short sleeve, spaghetti strap – you name it – in different price ranges and color/pattern selections.

Now here is a case that needs no judging. This is a case solved all by itself.

If you are looking for affordable maxi dress, or any outfit to complete your summer day, sign up with Shop It To Me, so that they can send you personalized price and brand savvy alerts, so that you are never guilty of overspending.

How do you feel about this style?

Do you share a similar love affair?