What’s that on your face?

MOJ at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion WeekFashion Week Smashion Week, right? I know some of y’all may be sour because you’re not in the middle of all the action. But trust and believe me when I say the foot, neck, back, and head pain that comes with it – ya don’t want it. Wait till you hit it big and get all the personal drivers and expense accounts to take a taxi-cab everywhere. Then it’ll be uberfun (and you can take me!).

So then what’s a little me going to do when there is so much beauty and innovation floating around? Come in sweat pants and makeup free? Nawwww. Fashion Week is usually the only time in the year where you will catch me sporting makeup every day for up to ten days. Can’t let these stinkin’ models show us up!

Enter into the courtroom the NY Fashion Week Makeup Challenge. Inspired by Twitterista @HeatherPark, I am joining the challenge. I am dutifully posting them on my Twitter with the hashtag NYFWMUC (#NYFWMUC). Click on the link to check out all the participants and their looks. There is so much creativity and inspiration around us, why not make the best of it?

MOJ at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week
Using YABY and Stila Cosmetics on the eyes, Smashbox for the face/bronzer, Chanel for brows, and MAC blush and mascara

MOJ at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Using Inglot and Medusa’s Makeup shadow and Pencil Me In Cosmetics liner on the eyes, Prescriptives gloss on lips, MakeupForever for face, Smashbox for bronzer, Chanel for brows, and Lancome mascara

MOJ at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week
Using Inglot and Makeup Forever on the eyes, Styli-Style nude lipstick on lips (although it mostly wore off by picture time due to my snacking habits), MakeupForever for face, Smashbox for bronzer, Chanel for brows, and MAC blush and mascara

I also see now that I tend to do the same poses. Will be sure to mix it up for the rest of the days!

The rules:

  • New day, new makeup look.
  • You can repeat products, as long as they’re used in a different way.
  • You can’t repeat looks!
  • If you tweet it, please use the #NYFWMUC hash! (with pics, naturally)

As I am writing this, I am wondering what my Day 4 will be. Any suggestions?

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Oh Yes I Did!

This was the scene this morning:


The snow was going berserkers. Yes there is occasional snow here and there in New York, and yes this is not the worst I have seen, but by golly this is the first time I had to be out in it instead of drinking hot chocolate in front of the television.

Pants on the ground? How about taking ten steps and snow in my pants?

What is it? Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!! This is the second season I am covering the shows and I couldn’t be more excited.

Which is exactly why I didn’t so much mind the numbing of the toes or the snow falling into my hoodie and resting on my neck. Click over here to check out the schedule and let me know what you’d like to see on MOJ! Given the hectic schedule and improbabilities of my Wifi troubles, refer to my Twitter account for on the go commentary, and the posts will be sure to follow!

Until then…

Remember to wear boots that are waterproof:

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
and more than one pair of socks, so as not to soak your only pair and go on through the day a bit unhappy.

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Too many details? I felt like everyone should know my sufferings! 🙂

Fess up! What do you want to see/find out at the upcoming shows?

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