Magazine Weekend Elle July 2009

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m falling under a continuous Saturday/Sunday BBQ schedule and am having the best summer. I hope the same spreads to all my readers and would love to hear how you are spending your weekends!

This magazine clipping of the day is from Elle July 2009 with Gwen Stefani on the cover. The article rocking my socks is the one by April Long discussing the red lipstick trend and it’s transforming powers. Now red lipstick has and always will be a staple. This is not a trend to take lightly and it is not a fad. It stays through and flatters every woman and gets every man who has it on his collar in deep doo doo. Villains, superheroes, vixens, and lolitas have all rocked this color, and if you haven’t yet, then maybe you should!

Through my super Google skills, I can safely say that if you foolishly don’t have an Elle subscription, you can check out the article on their site here. You can also follow them on twitter!

And in the spirit of the article, I had to break out my NYX vixen red lipstick in Electra. Never mind the shininess or the expression of the face – it’s hot as Hades in my humble abode.

Remember to keep your lips moisturized and SPF-ied!! Enjoy!

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