Blog Review

So while I’m still working on Image hosting and setting up this blasted blog (and I say it with love), I figured I need to just get into the habit of posting.

So though this isn’t about me or my products – it is worth mention!

Beauty Blog at MAC & Jin Soon possibly partnering up for matte nail polish?
No Shoes? at Fashion show barefoot
Payless at NY Fashionweek from I love all these shoes!
Fashion Herald and Tibi: More Fashion Week – Tibi Love
Always great images at FashionToast: Photoshoot
Miss Shlog: Herve Leger is my wallet’s best dream and worst nightmare!
Always Amusing: Starworks
Sea of Shoes has more shoes than I??: Yes, it’s true
Makeup For Life: Makeup at NYFW 09

Proof that I read a ridiculous amount of blogs and that I share!

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