Barbie Mania

With Barbie facing 50 this year, the lady doesn’t want it to end.

Case in point for 2009:

Her first time at NY Fashion Week feat. designers such as Bob Mackie, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, etc. See some reviews here, here, and in photos here.

Barbie Couture at Bloomies. [in store only]

Barbie loves Stila (and Sephora) with 4 collector’s tin cans fulla makeup.

Barbie product mania at Fred Segal. [in store only]

Remember carving up Barbies? (I never did but I hear lots of you are violent with your dolls…) Margaux Lange has used the pieces of various Barbies to create handcrafted pieces. (My favorite are the rings out of Barbie shoes)

And let’s not forget that Barbie teamed up with M.A.C in 2k7. Check out Makeup coverage here.

Check out Barbie’s not so 50 year old blog here.

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