Product Review: Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss

Hey y’all!

I’m getting readership now – how exciting is that?

Doing a glance over of my handbag (pray for it please b/c yaya has not been kind) and its contents and I realized I’m carrying lots of obsessions around with me.

Figured I’d do a review just to let ya know.

Too Faced came out with a lip gloss line called Mirror Mirror ($16 at Sephora).

All the names (a la OPI) are for the narcissist in all of us. After trying my first one in I’m Perfect, I had (justified needs?) to get more. So to date there are now three different colors in my collection: I’m Perfect (x2), Don’t Hate Me, Envy Me.

You can see how depleted my month old
(yes I said month – did you not hear me say obsessed?)
oldie is. The decal even rubbed off!

These are the swatches from the Too Faced website.
They are more true to color than the ones on the Sephora page.

1. 2.3.
I Know You Want Me (clear), Damn, I’m Hot (red), I Love Myself (pink)
Don’t Hate Me (peach), Envy Me (currant) , I’m Perfect (beige)

Product Story: “It’s YOU darling when your lips are slicked and shined with Too Faced’s mirror finish lip gloss. Drenched with super shine and loaded with natural Goji Berry extract; one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature! So protect and nourish your lips with the glassiest gloss this side of the Magic Mirror.”

Review (5 highest, 1 lowest):
3 out of 5
Price: 4 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5

Overall: 5 out of 5

My Verdict: I LOVE lip gloss… I can’t get enough of them, I probably buy at least one every month from CVS/Sephora/etc. So with that in mind – this was perfect for me. Even though the packaging was nothing too special and nothing too bad, and the price is a bit hefty for just one lip gloss, the lip gloss 1. tastes & smells good (that probably doesn’t matter to many people but trust when I say there are some that are unbearable!). You can actually taste sugar on this (might be one of the reasons why mine ran out so quickly). 2. No matter what anyone says – all lip glosses have to be a certain level of sticky simply b/c of what kind of product it is. This was the least amount of sticky – almost like butter on your lips (in a good way – I need to find better similes hehe) 3. This has the most amount of shine with the least obnoxiousness.

Here’s what it looked like, ladies & gentleman of the jury:
[lol don’t mind the severe CHEESE 🙂 ]

I suggest y’all ALL go get one lol.

One thought on “Product Review: Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss”

  1. okkk my fashion qod!! thankkk you soo freakinq much, so excited! I love the links, now my dream can come true! hahalove love love your site, will have to follow you, therefore i am your muse! <>haha<>


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