Metallic Candy Bars


Liquid lipstick has taken over all the internets. It has taken over almost all makeup counters, and if you are anything like me, it has forced you to pick favorites. Me? I am cllllllll about liquid lipstick. The precise lip, the pigmentation, the lasting color. The triple threat to my heart lies within the perfect liquid lipstick.

Most recently, metallic liquid lipsticks have been playing with my emotions. I thought that it wasn’t exactly up my alley (though I love a lot of the Colour Pop ones) because I didn’t see any of them as colors I would wear daily. This is until I came across the Milani Amore Matte Metallic liquid lips. Those are the bees knees you guys.

But why discuss two brands that aren’t even what the stinking’ post is about? Well because this fascination with metallic liquid lips is what got me to try this sucker out. In my head I added the ‘matte’ behind the ‘Melted’ for this Too Faced Liquid Lipstick gloss and my imagination went from there. This was an impulse buy on Sephora paired with another metallic liquid lip. So maybe that also influenced what I thought/wanted this to be? Continue reading “Metallic Candy Bars”

Victoria’s Secret Eyeshadow Duo

MyOwnJudgeI never thought the day would come when Victoria’s Secret would add eyeshadow flat pans to their Beauty Rush line, as opposed to continually expanding their baked shadows. A baked shadow makes me as happy as the next makeup lover, but I have this thing about organization, and pulling out pans and placing them in the containers I want with the color themes the mind fancies.MyOwnJudgeThough cute, the packaging seems to be a little extra for the amount of product you’re buying. It reminds me of the pods (if that’s what they were called) used in The Jetsons to get around. Maybe it’s meant to make the shadow somewhat shatterproof – something to test and report!MyOwnJudgeI picked a nondescript light cream and khaki color combination Snow Toasty (and it seems it is no longer for sale online). The shadow is pretty silky to the touch.MyOwnJudgeColor swatches on paper, and on skin:MyOwnJudgeI applied the colors both dry and wet and was a bit underwhelmed. It barely gives much to write home about when dry, and appropriate for a neutral look when applied wet. The colors sell two for $12 or five for $20, with no limit to what you mix together – mascara, lip gloss, a lipstick, and a shadow duo? Be my guest. Within the price range it’s forgivable, but it’s more of a skip unless you wanted a nondescript neutral duo.

Have you tried these duos?

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Daily Shine

MyOwnJudgePreaching about hair and skin being similar and their neverending thirst is not enough. You have to practice what you preach as well. Depending on how far into your non-washing schedule you’re in will direct what kind of product you can put in your hair. For example, one or two days into the schedule, you can get away with nearly any product. When you start getting to four to five days, you need to start skipping on products that don’t contribute to moisturizing your strands. At this point, creams are less optimal than oil-like products, because dry strands just make it disappear. MyOwnJudgeEnter into the courtroom: Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum. MyOwnJudgeThe product promises shine and more than 50% of a decrease in frizz on both wet and dry hair. Dry hair? I’ll take that challenge! MyOwnJudgeThe bottle nozzle is small, perfect for spot application on split ends and whatever parts of your hair need the juice. Also – it’s much easier to apply with the smaller opening than twist tops (who thinks of those kinds of openings with such a small bottle?!). MyOwnJudgeAfter about two pumps of product applied to the bottom half of my hair, I checked my before and after shots. From far it may not be obvious, but with lengthy experience with my hair, I can explain. Look at the middle to bottom part of the hair in the before shot – see the dullness in color and dryness? See how it looks like it took a vitamin shot in the after picture?

How do you moisturize your hair?

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Take My Nails to Broadway

MyOwnJudgeChanging colors are what brought me to the Broadway Nails brand, and after one experience is a success, it is always wise to check out what else the company has to offer you and let the friendship develop. (p.s. speaking of friendship – if you check out the brand on Facebook and hit ‘Like’ – or Twitter, and they’ll give you a coupon!)

A fresh take on the french tip, I chose a silver accented design with rhinestones thrown in for good measure (from the divine collection – this one is called ‘dreamy’). A perfect prelude for a holiday party.

My first experience with the color changing nails had me try on both the adult version, and the one marketed more towards younger consumers. The changing tip design was for adults, whereas the polka dots was aimed more to the tween crowd (though I love my fair share of polka dots). The latter set was a bit narrower for the nails, and though cute, didn’t look seamless by the end of the application (the first – color changing tips – was great in fit). The short length I chose this time proved no problem in the width or length of my nails. Keep in mind though, there are folks with longer nails who might have trouble with this size and may need to opt for a longer design.

MyOwnJudgePretty simple. Check out the site for more application tips and tricks.
MyOwnJudgeA complaint I had when trying these the first time was the packaging for the glue ended up as a mess while attempting to open it. I either missed the memo then, or it was fixed by now, because it had a simple and easy twist off perforation at the time. This saved mucho time, and maintained the packaging.MyOwnJudgeThe design is super cute without being too sweet. Great for work, with just enough attitude for the holiday party and beyond.MyOwnJudgeThe designs came out great. The most common question? I didn’t have that many bubbles under the nails either. I think the cream color of the nail has some kind of frosting from the inside to prevent it from looking so ghastly – or I’m just babbling :).MyOwnJudgeThe nails were longer than I have ever grown my own to be, so it was a fun time pretending these were what I had. Classmates and coworkers seemed to have been convinced I had acrylic nails done, and who was I to correct them?

When was the last time you rocked faux nails?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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Cuticle Care

e.l.f. Essentials Nourishing Cuticle PenParents always bestow valuable advice more often than not on deaf ears. My mother told me time and time again that the neck and hands age the fastest and the signs are hardest to reverse. It took a quarter of a century of hearing the advice for me to start listening. Take a quick look at a passerby older than you. You can definitely tell a woman in her fifties from a woman in her twenties by looking at their hands, despite how good the face or figure.

Taking care of the neck is still much of a secret to me (where is that magical pillow that will prevent creases on my neck and face when I sleep?), but taking care of the hands has been proven to be an easier task. Lotion often, keep the digits warm, and take good care of your cuticles.MyOwnJudgeA recent run to the dollar store in Manhattan (Jack’s 99 cent store) brought me face to face with a plethora of e.l.f. jewels (and yes they were all a dollar). I had tried a lot of the products before, so I took a gander at the nail category. Say hello to the e.l.f. Essentials Nourishing Cuticle Pen!MyOwnJudgeI’m used to cuticle pens coming with a brush applicator where you click the product out, like a lip gloss. Once the brush is full, you can apply it to several nails at a time before it runs out (your cuticle area isn’t that big surface area wise). The more rigid pen applicator on this one allows for it to be a cuticle pusher as well. This is a cool trick to get the oils to all parts of the cuticle as well – when you push, it will seep in a bit under the nail.
I have found that moisturizing the cuticles is the most optimal way to keep your nails looking great, prolonging your manicure, and keeping hangnails at bay. Cuticle care also prevents the hidden sting of wiping antibacterial lotion or alcohol on your hands (or nail polish remover when a manicure change is necessary).

On a side note: Remember that keeping hands at one warm temperature is best because of many reasons. First, it keeps the skin soft and supple. The varying temperatures may cause skin to crack, or worse, the blood vessels underneath to overreact (think about when your hands are freezing and turn splotchy when washing with warm water when inside). Also, when dry (can be from no moisturizing, but also very probable with cold) skin can crack and cause bleeding (then you have start the bacteria and germ worries). Preventing the skin from going back and forth between different stages is what also prevents wrinkles and aging – and you want to keep ’em guessing, don’t ya?

Back to the cuticle pen. There are no vices to think of.
It costs a dollar.
-It’s great for travel and doesn’t take up much space otherwise (stick it in your pen cup so that you can soften up after writing!).
-It has four natural oils to keep the cuticles soft.
-The pen doubles as a cuticle pusher.
-The applicator pen versus brush allows for less mess opportunity.

The only question now is how long it lasts, and if the applicator dries up after a time.

When moisturizing cuticles, my favorite times to do so are before going to sleep – wash your face, remove makeup (and contact lenses if you’re a wearer like me!), apply lotions and creams, then right before you hit the pillow, brush on some cuticle magic. By the time you start thrashing around, it’ll seep in. Another good time? Before you start a self manicure (when you go to a salon, they should apply it all the time). Brush it on and give it five minutes or so to completely dry. If not dry, the oils may keep the polish from adhering all the way at the area by the cuticle.

Check out this video from e.l.f. about the pen:
What do you use for your cuticles?

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The Body Shop DeoDry Deodorant

MyOwnJudgeEver since one company put aluminum in their deodorant to keep the perspiration at bay as equally as the odor, all companies followed. Every drugstore or supermarket search ends up with far too many ingredient reads and only one find (check the options at your nearest Target or drugstore and tell me that Old Spice isn’t the only brand without the ingredient). But what to do if you don’t want the masculine scent and less of the aluminum?

Until fairly recently, you would have to seek out an organic body products store or hit the net (Tom’s of Maine is a popular pick) for a lengthy search. A lot of the times, the brand doesn’t even mention aluminum contents until you flip to the ingredient list.
MyOwnJudgeWhen Shecky’s Beauty Night Out came around town, one of the vendors was The Body Shop. They showcased some new scents for lotions and body washes, but what really caught my eye was the aloe vera deodorant.
From the site:
Best if you want to: Stay dry with a stick deodorant that works in a more natural, yet effective way. Enjoy effective 24-hour odor protection with our unique blend of volcanic minerals and refreshing essential oils with a cool, breezy scent. Contains no aluminum salts or parabens!

Best for: all skin types
How it works:
* Community Trade aloe vera from Guatemala is renowned for its incredible soothing, hydrating and moisturizing properties — perfect for sensitive skin.
* Community Trade alcohol is made from alcohol which comes from the organic sugar cane farmers of the CADO cooperative in Ecuador.
* A unique volcanic mineral absorbs moisture to help keep you dry.MyOwnJudgeThis deodorant retails for a bit more than your regular drugstore brand at $8.00 but is worth the trouble if you’re an ingredient buff (or amateur like me).

After using the deodorant daily, I found that it holds up well to any fabric and any length of wear. It even is very resistant to creating white stains if you apply it before getting dressed (a no no – wait till your shirt is on and slip your deodorant in afterward!). The only vice is the choices of scents it comes in. I chose the Chilled and Breeze, but all of the scents are pretty strong. I would like a cucumber melon-like fresh scent or an unscented addition to the line.

What do you swipe on your pits?

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Babor Cosmetics Lipstick

MyOwnJudgeFollowing my Babor Csometics makeover, I was excited to try out the products for myself. First in line was a proper stick of lipstick.

You know me – a fan of packaging. The gold packaging for both the box and the lipstick make the product purchase utterly special. The allure of golden packaging for products across the spectrum is just the Midas effect I suppose. Who doesn’t want to own something golden?MyOwnJudgeThe color I tested was #13 – Rouge Noir. It looks like a super dark vampy red out of the packaging.MyOwnJudgeThe color varies depending on how many times you swipe it across the skin. It has a bit of a blotchy finish once you start getting a little happy with the application. But no one is guilty of that, right? (I won’t tell!)MyOwnJudgeAfter two swipes, the lipstick is completely not as dark as the lipstick seems at first sight. It comes off like sheer vampy burgundy and applies very softly without staining the skin in case of errors. The only gripe was how the coloring stuck to every imperfection of the lips. That is the curse of darker lipsticks (and the super light ones as well) – they will forever point out all flaws. Being that it is getting colder and I have a terrible knack for chewing on the dry spots one finds on their lips, I wasn’t happy with how it looked. The combination of flaws and the color made it look a bit like scabs – not cute. The remedy? I went to my fix all and used a Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss with shimmer to top off the color and hide imperfections.MyOwnJudge
So much better! The lip gloss adds dimension with the shimmer and helps deflect from looking at the flaws. It adds great personality to the lipstick.

The win-all for this lipstick is definitely the even and creamy application. It feels as smooth as chapstick just running over your lips. It had no drag that an extra thick lipstick can sometimes have. It’s a little bit rich in the $25 price tag, but if you think about it, so many nondrugstore brands are around that price, that it’s nothing new.

I am unsure whether all lipsticks are as sheer in application as this one, but if so, this would be super awesome. It verges on a combination of lipstick, lip gloss, and lip butter products. A general application that can be used whenever – depending on what color you choose of course.

Have you tried Babor Cosmetics yet?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on MOJ remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.

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Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

I’m usually very skeptical of uber cheap cosmetics. Why should 28 colors ever cost under three dollars? What did they save money on? Was it color? Quality? Safety? Packaging? What’s the secret!?!MyOwnJudgeMy last trip to Walgreen’s had me come face to face with a Profusion wallet palette, retailing for $2.99. My suspicions were only halfway put to rest by my previous experience with the brand and their lipgloss, and I thought the brand may be a sister company (or even the same?) to the Profound $5.00 palette. Plus, I thought, how much damage can you do with $2.99 I already decided to spend on unneeded items like gum and chocolate (I put them down in favor of cosmetics!)?MyOwnJudgeThe beauty wallets are very space friendly and boast a plethora of different colors. The wallets are in various color combinations and correspond to the color of the packaging. I purchased the violet and lime green, but there were others available. The size of these is slightly smaller than a cd case overall, but pretty much as thick as a cd case is.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeAs you all may continue to read, I am a packaging junkie. I really like their ‘Beauty Wallet’ premise, but opening the packaging had me verging on temporary insanity. What I thought would be an easy plastic case to remove turned into a rage of ripping up the packaging.

This could have damaged the shadows had I not aimed away, or if I dropped the darn thing (happens often to me). If you decide to purchase this palette, take it from me and use scissors to open it up.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeThe sleeve on the packaging doesn’t contain much information other than the ingredients. The palette doesn’t name any of the colors (which isn’t the greatest idea, because I’d like to know if they’ve been reused in other palettes), but does have a chart on the back of the sleeve numbering the colors – which aid in depicting swatches for me.MyOwnJudge
I took inventory of how the colors come off by swatching them on paper and then applying with a wet brush to my skin.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeSome of the colors look very similar to one another, but after trying them all out, I can say I like the combinations and that there is variety to the palette, compared to others having preference to neutral or blush colors.MyOwnJudgeThe wallet looks most attractive without the product sleeve and doesn’t look like a palette from the outside at all.


  • This is a definite win if you’re trying to mask your “I need nothing to look like this” plan.
  • The price of $2.99 cannot be beat.
  • The color payoff is pretty good, especially when applied wet.
  • There is a mini tutorial on the inside cover.


  • It is not an organic product (meaning it contains talc, mineral oil, and synthetic wax among others).

Skip a machiato or a soda for the day and grab this palette.

Have you tried this? Do you want to?

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Wet n’ Wild Lipsticks

MyOwnJudgeThe last time I stepped foot into Rite Aid, they were having killer sales on all things unnecessary but pretty. Wet n’ Wild products were 40% off and the new Mega Last lipsticks were calling my name. Being that each one was $2.99, I figured if I got all four colors I was itching to try, one would be free, considering the discount. For $3 a pop I honestly would have tried them without the sale as well, but a brand can normally slip under the radar if they don’t make some kind of money saving commotion to land in the weekly paper.

Lips take center stage! This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn’t cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips. (source)

I got the following colors:
Usually, customers don’t expect the same color payoff and product performance from a product that is so cheap, but ladies and gents of the jury. When I tell you these lipsticks baffled me?! How can the company afford something so good for so cheap a price?!
These swatches are after one swipe. The description does not lie! The pigmentation was jam packed with bright goodness. For the most part, the colors I chose were a good match for me, and I dare say universally flattering as well.MyOwnJudge
The lipsticks appear more matte than creamy, but they have a generally creamy application (if that makes sense).

Though I was very pleased with the lipsticks, there were two things that drove me crazy. First, the lipsticks are so pigmented, that you almost have to use a lip brush to apply the product (especially the brighter colors) for neat application within the lines. As far as the bleeding goes, there is absolutely none. Second was the packaging. Y’all know I judge packaging almost as closely as the product itself, so this had to be addressed.

The packaging contains the color name, which isn’t the smartest thing if you want a name to reference in the future, or well – just because. I have been guilty of unwittingly buying doubles and triples of products, usually because I did not have the name handy to double check (an excuse on my part, but a minor thumbs down nonetheless). Another packaging peeve? The ‘peel here’ and perforation are on opposite sides!
MyOwnJudge I’m not sure if it was just the batch I got, or if they just had to sacrifice packaging for quality. Personally, I’ll readily make that sacrifice. I normally attack the packaging like a fiend anyhow.

Stay tuned for more swatches soon!

Have you tried these yet?

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Mizani Supreme Oil

MyOwnJudge - Mizani Supreme OilI recently had the pleasure of attending a product launch for a brand already near and dear to my heart; Mizani. From previous posts regarding hair and recreating styles (check some out here), I have always mentioned the necessity of using some hair oil, whether it’s to maintain the softness of your hair several days after washing and styling, renewing your do, or just to add some sheen for that “I was in a commercial” overall style.

The event was very last minute on my schedule, so of course I was caught unawares without my camera. I tried to make my Blackberry do it’s best, but at the moment it’s doing it’s worst at uploading the images when I need them (so stay tuned!). The launch was for Mizani Supreme Oil.

Some info about the product:
Supreme Oil is a 99% naturally-derived formula with 8 natural oils (sesame, jojoba, almond, avocado, apricot, olive fruit, sunflower and argan oils) that is silicone, mineral oil and paraben-free. Designed for any hair type, this ultra-light treatment penetrates and absorbs to treat and smooth the hair, so it is not greasy unlike silicones and mineral oil that only lay on the hair’s surface. Experience a truly exquisite treatment with an ultra-luxe velvety touch. (source)

The benefits as listed on the site:
1. Delivers intense moisturizing & exceptional softness.
2. Imparts incredible shine.
3. Nourishes hair and skin.
4. Leaves hair and skin soft and silky.
5. Helps enhance skin’s overall texture & appearance.
6. Fortifies and strengthens hair to help prevent breakage.
7. Improves hair’s elasticity and manageability.
8. Locks out humidity for continuous frizz control.
9. Non-greasy, fast-absorbing.
10. Can be layered over or under other hair or body products.

I haven’t subjected the oil to a rigorous test yet, but from using it at the event I can vouch for many of the claims. The oil is a smoothing, frizz erasing (depending on what state it catches your hair in – my hair desperately needed a wash, so it just softened the disaster area) hair sheen, which also doubles as an all over scent and body oil. Right after I put the oil on my hair, another attendee inquired as to what my perfume was.

Because the oil contains zero silicone, parabens, or waxes, it is safe to use on the body as well as the hair. It’s actually the smartest to do, because all hair products touch our scalp (and thereby our skin) in any case. The oil is not greasy and leaves your digits free to type away on Twitter or shake hands with new contacts within minutes. This was the most (pleasantly) surprising feature for me, because that’s one of the necessary evils I agree to when I use hair oil (almost every day). I usually have a box of tissues handy to wipe the excess grease away, or head to the bathroom to wash my hands.

The company already covers much of haircare in terms of Scalp Oil, Conditioner Treatment, and basics like the Shampoo and Conditioner, but this product serves as a multi purpose product for ease of use. It works with every hair and body treatment (blowout, smooth, renew, natural extensions, braid refresh, scalp treatment, body, etc.) and is travel friendly.

I’ll take it for a spin for a week and let you know how it works out. In the meantime, you should still try it out and consider getting one.

What is your favorite hair product?

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