Shoe Mania – just like the queen

Let them eat cake! … and let them wear shoes!

Speaking of shoes… Christian Louboutin got together with Jean-Francois Lesage from House of Lesage to bring you not only more red soles but ones that will really have your bank account in the red (if you’re like me…).

This collection is super rare (I believe there are 36 pairs only made worldwide) and exclusive and runs about $5,000 a pair. Exclusively in Paris boutiques.
Inspiration? Marie Antoinette.

Watcha think? Personally, I prefer the classics – the embroidery and numerous influences on the design seem overdone. Folks at Fashion Police . net are wondering which 36 celebrities will be seen with these shoes on… made me giggle at the thought.

One thought on “Shoe Mania – just like the queen”

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