Rock and Republic Saffon Booties

MyOwnJudgeThere are habits and addictions that you knowingly have, and then there are those that only pop up in the middle of the action. Such was the case when I was reading the post about the Rock & Republic Saffon studded heels.

Sure I’m a sucker for studded shoes, I just didn’t know how bad the diagnosis might be until these peep toe booties crossed my screen (and did I mention the lovely attention to detail with a mini dagger as the zipper pull?). Available in pewter with black studs and black with gold studs, the pair has me thinking this is something my friends need to come together and pitch in for when getting a gift for the holidays.

What’s your hidden love?

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Banner 20 Off Collection

Fergie’s Pink Hope

MyOwnJudge - Fergie FFANYOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month. That wasn’t news, right?

What used to be a hard job to promote and to educate has now become well known facts. The gentlemen battling it out on the football field as I munch on chips and dip and yell at the screen have pink gloves, sneaker soles, and everything else their Reebok and the rest of the sponsors thought of, including items you can bring home (scrubs, ornaments, bracelets; you name it – NFL shop has it).

Other brands and stores are overcome with pinkmania in support of the cause. It can be deduced that mankind is quite fond of the breast!

If you have a hard time choosing where you can allocate your funds best for optimal use, look no further than Fergie’s partnership with FFANY.

QVC‘s FFANY Shoes on Sale event starts on October 15th 7-10pm ET (this coming Friday), with soles for the giving soul. All shoes’ proceeds will go 100% to leading hospitals and research organizations, but better yet for you – they will be half off their retail price as well.

Fergie‘s Hope shoe from her Fall 2010 collection will be joining the crowd of the shoes donated to QVC for the cause, and will be selling for $45 (half off the original selling price).

How will you be supporting the cause?

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Jimmy Choo’s Uggs

Jimmy Choo UggsWould the correct term be Jimmy ChoosUggs or Jimmy Choo‘s Uggs?

The buzzed about and long awaited collaboration is available to ship straight to your house should you have a rent payment or two you could pony up. Though not a fan of Uggs myself, I have to say, these designs aren’t too bad. I especially got cozy with the idea of the studded (and most expensive) pair and the camel colored pair with star studs. The price though? It was almost like my invite to window shop was revoked. That’s how serious it is.

Are you tempted or just admiring from afar?

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Search & Win

I found it!

Remember when I fell in love with a certain someone’s certain bootie? Well, I think I found it! After searching everywhere, I located it at Shopbop. After that, I found all the variations and prices (or almost all) on the web.

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Search & Win

Dear Kate, Is that Loeffler Randall on your feet?

My inbox is a little sickly with the amount of sites and sale notices I’m subscribed to. I am trying to minimize the clutter, but in the meantime I often just erase in bulk so as to see my inbox numbers below a thousand. Sometimes that may mean I miss out on the good stuff. Not so this past week!

Kate Hudson

I caught an email from JustJared about Kate Hudson enjoying a good day in London with her new beau, but that’s not he cool part. The best was on her feet! She had a pair of booties on with triangle heels. I love odd heels and these are just too cute. I tried to scour the net for a replica and the closest I got were Loeffler Randall booties. No identical twins though.

How do you like ’em?

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Search & Win

Peep Those Booties!

Do you ever think that some trends out there are only for the fashionistas and famous folk? Don’t get me wrong, I am almost always watering at the mouth for the latest, most expensive, and obnoxious fashions (in a good way), but I just have to admit sometimes that some items look best on my magazine pages and not on me.

My most recent vent victim? Peep toe booties. They are the most impractical concept in my mind. Why? Because the weather that I live in will either fry my toes while the rest of my foot is covered (like a slow cooker), or will freeze them as the rest of my body remains bundled up like the Michelin man. No, this trend I can admire from afar. On the girlies with no worries of below zero temperatures or those who only have to walk a handful of steps from car to door and vice versa.

LG Of the Jury

And you Ladies and Gents of the Jury? What’s your verdict?

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More Sales my lovelies!

Nothing hurts more than paying retail. Especially for shoes. I mean – they can be collector’s items y’all.

With that in mind, I’ve got an invite for you from ideeli.

They have a shoe sale coming up! Click here or enter this into your web browser for some shopping fun. Even if you don’t shop, they have giveaways. And for the day that you do shop? Well you’ll already be an insider!


After Cole Haan partnered with Nike to make fancy shmancy shoes, here we have New Balance making sneakers for Nine West.

The colors seem perfect for spring, but it kind of just feels like a bright spring collection for NB, and I don’t see where Nine West comes in other than shared advertising?

And the artists?

They come in four mini collections.

I like Icon and Kiki, and especially the little alien/space character on each.

And you my dear?

Shoe Mania – just like the queen

Let them eat cake! … and let them wear shoes!

Speaking of shoes… Christian Louboutin got together with Jean-Francois Lesage from House of Lesage to bring you not only more red soles but ones that will really have your bank account in the red (if you’re like me…).

This collection is super rare (I believe there are 36 pairs only made worldwide) and exclusive and runs about $5,000 a pair. Exclusively in Paris boutiques.
Inspiration? Marie Antoinette.

Watcha think? Personally, I prefer the classics – the embroidery and numerous influences on the design seem overdone. Folks at Fashion Police . net are wondering which 36 celebrities will be seen with these shoes on… made me giggle at the thought.