One more

This was on the weekly e-mail.

People are starting to speculate if Rihanna will lose her endorsement deals too… I think this is getting out of hand and that the media is speculating way too much, and that with every “situation” it gets worse and worse with the age of paparazzi.

On a general note, I do not agree with raising your hands for fighting in any instance, not just a man vs a woman, and think it’s only necessary when for self defense.

What’s your take on it?

2 thoughts on “One more”

  1. I think they just had an unhealthy relationship and it’s just was shown to the world with that incident.It’s her decision to take him back.But like they say “Hit me once, shame on you. Hit me again, shame on me.”I love both of them as an Artist.I’m not going to be like ‘OMG! She took him back, I’m boycotting her.” or whatever.I don’t think she should lose her endorsement though. =/I SAW YOUR PACKAGE IS HERE! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MAIL MAN TO GET HERE. LOL


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