Gentlemen’s Ball

MyOwnJudge - Gentlemen's Ball
The fashion conundrum continues. As event invites roll in, no matter the occasion, there is practically no dress code for the male. Most often, there are two choices – the denim and button down or the black tux.

What confuses me is that at no point are the gentlemen ever at a disadvantage. They have stylists, shoppers, girlfriends, and friends, out of whom at least one person may be able to offer fashion advice (especially if they have a stylist on staff!). Are the stylists for men less capable/knowledgeable than those employed by women? I’d ask if there was a shortage of clothing outside of denim and black tuxes, but frankly, I know the answer to that one, I am an addict to shopping after all!

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The male stars attending the Gentlemen’s Ball refused to push the envelope. The closest one came was Chris Brown, with a leather and wool varsity jacket. David Arquette marched to the beat of his own drum, as customary, and Trey Songz and Nick Cannon probably spent five minutes getting ready, donning an all black tux ensemble. All of the above styles are appropriate for the event, though all lack imagination. Bob was dressed far too casual (as if he was there for an outdoor concert in the park).

I don’t need a male Gaga, but I’d like men to play with fashion. It’s there for them too.

Do you agree?

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Swatch Throws a Fab Party

MyOwnJudge - Swatch New Gent ReleaseLast night I had the pleasure of attending the Swatch party to promote their New Gent collection. The watches were released in a variety of bright colors, overall a larger silhouette of the popular Gent model. The event had a great DJ and an electric violin player who could rock your socks playing along to Kid Cudi and Mr. West.

Fabolous and Chris Brown came to support the brand and were rocking the latest New Gents. Fab had a black pair, and I didn’t get a chance to check what color Chris Brown was sporting as I was busy checking out his sneakers and all his tattoos (did I never notice that he had so many on both his arms?).
MyOwnJudge - Swatch New Gent Release
Yours truly with Fabo. I caught some sniffles and germs so I had a scarf and bag full of Kleenex to keep my sneezes contained.

Can you spy the all black New Gent on his wrist?

MyOwnJudge - Swatch New Gent Release
Almost all the colors look like jewel tones, so you know I was in love at first sight. The watch band is a smooth rubber and the watch face looks a bit like brushed metal under a plastic top. The face looks like it’s all about business and the band is into play. I can see this working with a blazer and a casual top or just a tee and jeans.
MyOwnJudge - Swatch New Gent Release
The DJ and the violin power. These girls rocked it all night.
MyOwnJudge - Swatch New Gent Release
Chris Brown got up in his booth to jam to a super charged performance of the violin. You can see the contrast of outfits between him and Fabolous, and notice that the New Gent works effortlessly with both.
MyOwnJudge - Swatch New Gent Release

What kind of watch do you sport?

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One more

This was on the weekly e-mail.

People are starting to speculate if Rihanna will lose her endorsement deals too… I think this is getting out of hand and that the media is speculating way too much, and that with every “situation” it gets worse and worse with the age of paparazzi.

On a general note, I do not agree with raising your hands for fighting in any instance, not just a man vs a woman, and think it’s only necessary when for self defense.

What’s your take on it?


I know that the media does a lot to mess up situations but really… I hope he has to serve time. I really do.

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According to a leaked police search warrant, an argument between Brown and Rihanna ensued after she read a lengthy text message from a woman on Brown’s phone.

He allegedly tried to push her out of the Lamborghini and hit her head against the passenger window.

He then punched her while still driving; blood filled Rihanna’s mouth, according to detectives.

Brown allegedly told Rihanna, “I’m going to beat the —- out of you when we get home.”

Rihanna left a message for her assistant that said, “I am on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there.”

Brown replied, “You just did the stupidest thing ever. I’m going to kill you.”

The fight escalated from there. According to the report, Brown — who was booked on a felony criminal threat charge and released on $50,000 bail — continued to punch Rihanna, bit her ear and fingers and put her in a headlock, causing her to nearly lose consciousness.