Part of dying hair is usually dying whatever else hair you have to match your now fake color up there. (I’m trying to be funny not mean, so bear with me as I get my comedic skills up to par with blogger =]~ )

Glamour’s Girls in the Beauty Dept. blog reported about Prada’s fashion show, and all the girls having to dye their eyebrows for the show.

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I dye my hair rarely, but even when I do, it’s more of a tint if you may. It’s barely a shade lighter than my color, so my eyebrows still apply.

Have you ever done it? Has it ever backfired? Against it? Tell me all!

4 thoughts on “Glamour-Us”

  1. I’ve been dying my hair since high school. I’ve been jet black/blue, red/orange, light brown and even blonde in the front of my hair. I’ve loved it all. Except the jet black. It was fun for a month or so but then after that I looked little too emo and dead. Oh….and all of those colors were permanent. It was hard as hell coming back from that jet black.


  2. i’d be very scared to dye my eyebrows, i’ve had too many bad eyebrow moments! of course, those were my fault, like the time I waxed them myself and almost took off an entire brow.


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