Under $25

Glamour did it first, but I decided to take it up one step. Glamour’s Girls in the Beauty Dept posted about 8 items under $10 and preached the good quality of cheapie items.

I would also like to add to that – the fact that a set, especially one that can fit in your handbag, can save any night out. Personally, living in a city where all I do is ride the subway 80% of the time that I travel, a lot of that is spent saving time by multitasking and makeup/nail polish (oh yes I did and do!) application on the train. So then what’s one to do when strapped for cash and has a teeny handbag to travel with?

Behold my list of sets under $25. Most are makeup, but I threw some skincare in as well – because ya always gotta prep to be perfect, or darn near.


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