Details of contest announced!

Aren’t you excited for my contest?

I’m excited to see what will the random deciding process be (probably just a window refreshing lol) – and I will have to contact all my followers and make sure they have submitted their entry in the handy dandy entry box up top. Readers: if you are not a follower, please make sure your entry is noted above.

Like I have noted here, the contest is just my way of entering in the blog world and thanking all the people that are showing me support. There will be two winners and each one will get a goodie bag with samples and one or more full size products. Below are what will be in them, plus a few more surprises!

Close look at goodie bag one:

and at number two:

They both have perfume, lipstick, and skincare samples. There is also an Urban Decay mini black liner in both, as well as the full size items.

There are a couple more surprises in each goodie bag, b/c I couldn’t just reveal everything!

Don’t forget to join!

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