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Coach Popppy Project
Just a quick thank you to everyone who helped MOJ stay in the running for the Coach Poppy Project. I didn’t make it to first place but I did get to 31 out of 400 (check out the leaderboard). That’s pretty darn spiffy! And it was all thanks to all your support!

Stay tuned for bigger and better things!

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Take It To the Beach – Contest Entries

[[ click here for inspiration ]]

The contest is over!

I did it, now check out the entries & tell me who rocked your socks!









and this one broke the no black (except for mascara) rule. But thanks for the participation!


Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry!!

Tell me who you think did the best!

I will announce a winner on August 1, 2009 along with the new contest!

Yaya takes it to the beach!

So I admit. I haven’t been to the beach in the US since 2007. I go to the beach whenever I’m on vacay – but realistically, that’s the whole point of the vacay to begin with.

But I can’t hold out on y’all if it’s my own contest right?

[[ click here for inspiration ]]

Contest begins: July 1, 2009 – July 25, 2009 (tomorrow!)

Tomorrow is the last day to join the contest, and Sunday I will be posting up the entries. Remember the two rules for the contest: must be beach inspired, and cannot use black (only for mascara).

Here’s what I concocted for me-yaya-self.

My inspiration? The beach on one eye and the mermaids in the water on the other! My hair was a hot fuzzy mess so I poofed it out even more to look like a furry bubble. 🙂

fishy face & creative uses of the shower cap!

sunglasses for the bright sun and a little I’m a little teapot type dance 🙂


Products Used:

You got one and a half more days to enter… get going!

Take it to the beach!

Y’all ready for this one?

Take it to the Beach!

Invite summer and warm weather into your life with a beach inspired look.

What to use for inspiration?

Lord knows, sand, mermaids, water, bronze tans, martinis, bikinis, surfing, palm trees, sun, sunsets.

[a must]: you cannot use the color black
(except for mascara)

Prizes and Inspiration Photos to follow.

Now for the rules:

  1. There must be five pictures – 4 – of the look and – 1 – of the items used. Having an inspirational picture is not mandatory.
  2. You must post the look on your blog/page. If you do not have a blog, shoot me an e-mail with the links to your photos on photobucket/flickr/etc. I DO NOT accept attachments!!
  3. E-mail me at to let me know what the link to your contest entry is. Also- enter a quick note about letting me use your images for when I post all entries. This is b/c I do not want to risk anything w/my computer and will not be opening e-mails with attachments, unless that is what we mutually agree on.
  4. Entries must be posted before/on July 25, 2009. I don’t want to mess around with time zones, so all I know is this: On Sunday 7/26/09 I will be posting all entries. This gives you over three weeks to prepare, and will leave five (5) days for judging. This contest will be judged by me with consideration to votes.
  5. There will be 2 winners. For every additional 5 entries after the first ten (10) entries, there will either be an additional runner up or another winner (i.e. 15 people = 3 prizes, 20 people = 4, etc.).

As I have stated previously, I would like to run a contest monthly. If you have suggestions for a new contest, or have feedback for the contest or the rules, you know what to do. My e-mail address is widely available on this here blog. 🙂

So excited to see what y’all think of!

Remember to click on the ‘Contest of the Month’ button above for all related links & info!

Contest Winners!

Hey guys!

Due to a tie of the blogger vote, there are three winners instead of 2.

Congrats to all, and stay tuned for the next contest details!

All the images are linked to their blogs.
Show these ladies support by viewing their blogs or to see what they used!

Ladies send me your address info to so you can get your prizes!

Contest Entries

Hey y’all

Sorry for the delay. I had technical difficulties so I couldn’t reschedule and I was out of the house for a graduation for my lil sis-in-law. Congrats K!

Without further ado-

This week I had to postpone the Blog Review, in favor of posting up the contest entries. It will be back next week, so don’t you fear!

[[Click here for prizes]]

The entries are followed by the rules, so please read carefully.

All the images are linked to their blogs.
Show these ladies support by viewing their blogs or to see what they used!

Makeup Junkee




The rules:

  • There will be 2 winners. One will by a panel of people I know and one winner chosen by popular blogger vote (that means only people with valid blogs).
  • For beauty bloggers – leave a comment on this post voting for ONE contestant. Everyone gets ONE vote. This means you MUST have a blog I can go to for verification. All blog-less and anonymous voters WILL BE VOID.
  • Contestants are allowed to vote for themselves. Nothing wrong with confidence!
  • If you have feedback for any contestant, be mindful, and respectful. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
  • For contestants: Please e-mail me your address and info so that I may have the packages ready!
As I have stated previously, I would like to run a contest monthly. If you have suggestions for a new contest, or have feedback for the contest or the rules, you know what to do. My e-mail address is widely available on this here blog. 🙂

What a Bright Idea

So since some of my lovely readers are courageous enough to experiment with bright colors for my contest, I did a look as well.

Today is the last day to submit entries. I will wake up tomorrow and post the rules for voting as well as all the entries. As always, a new contest will be up on July 1.

Now – as I always say – I love bright colors. As soon as warm weather creeps into the forecast, all colorful wonders break loose.

a look to wear during the day 🙂 a small mea culpa for crappy lighting

Then I wanted something really bright for my own contest. I got the perfect lightbulb over my head when I saw this nail polish display at Ricky’s for Mattese. Doesn’t it look like here’s a polish missing from the side?

Anyway! The look is lemon lime green and nothing in between!

Me and my crazy curly self.

I decided to let the debris and fall away in this makeup look stay b/c I thought it looked super duper fancy. lol! In the pics it looks messy – but really… who cares? I have fun when I want to, b/c I’ll Be My Own Judge!!!

Naturally that wasn’t the end of it. Remember when Mehron did leopard print eyes at the NYC Makeup Show? Well I tried that too.

Last but not least, here’s what I used:

40 color palette
Maybelline Last Blast Mascara in Black
MUFE Lipstick in 406
MAC Select Cover-Up in NW20

MAC Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche

(I used these for both looks btw – except no lipstick in the first look) also – for the leopard print eyes, I just used a nameless liquid eyeliner in black… nothing spiffy

You still have time to submit your entry!

Prizes for Contest announced!

Not to bother you with TOO many posts today hehe.

Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box (See here in Sephora)
comes with UDPP sample
Bliss Soap Gel sample, Too Faced Mascara large sample
Styli-Style Kajal Bullet (Kohl Liner see here)

see it opened
Here are the prizes:

It is not too many items because I feel like the palette makes up for a large prize all in itself. There will be other goodies and surprises in the prize pack as always and the more entries there are the more prizes there will be!