Monday Tidbits

As I mourn the technological boycott in my household (both my computer and camera refuse to turn on), and as I get into the swing of the week, please enjoy these tidbits that I found ’round the web.

Project Runway’s Christian Siriano has a maternity line Fierce Mamas for Moody Mamas. PopSugar told me all about it.

Image from Inquisitr

I think the quote from the Chicago Tribune from last year, when this was still an idea makes me the giggliest. || “Siriano “thought it would be great” for a gay man to partner with two women who haven’t given birth to create a maternity line, a Moody Mamas rep told New York.” ||

my faves:


For all you designer on a budget gals (hello friends =]~) Fashionista snagged a Loomstate for Target lookbook. Think you will be putting any money back into the economy for these fancy pants? P.S. Target also has a cute interactive list of their designers and Design for All collections.

Images from Tree Hugger|| photo credit: Target

FYI: My poll ends tomorrow. || Swag attack post to follow – along w/possibly a new schedule. || Contest ending soon – don’t forget to sign up! Also – I’m slowly/continually updating the sidebars and headers/footers/layout etc. Let me know when/if you notice the good/bad/ugly

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