Tiffany oh Tiffany

Image credit: Tiffany & Co.

Heard from Coutorture & Vogue UK that the economy is creeping its way up into Tiffany & Co.’s doors. The company has reported high losses from last year and is not (surprised?) reducing prices, but rather locations and staffing.

Image credit: Lucky Rolls

I don’t think I ever saw a sale at Tiffany & Co., and I’m not surprised that this is how they’re handling it.

Sidenote: I work at a non-profit trade organization – we produce trade shows, etc. Some of our exhibitors say they would rather not exhibit at a trade show and use the money they save there to make sure they can pay their employee/their benefits, etc. It all of course depends on the size of the company, etc. etc. I don’t think Tiffany & Co. ever having a big redline sale will be a good look for their image either … so … that’s that!

I know everyone is trying to watch their spending and be greener to save more green, but what about you? Are you feeling the pinch? do you have stories?

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