Apple vs. Blackberry/RIM

Saw this on Fabulously “Broke” In the City and had to share.

I really have to hand it to Blackberry for making their marketing work with their advertising so seamlessly. They used the same concept as the photograph by Harold Edgerton – which was a microsecond capture of the bullet piercing an apple. Edgerton was considered a “pioneer” in strobe photography – read all about it from Wiki. (yes y’all be your own researcher and know that Yaya got all the goodies for ya!) Well anyway I like how they used an actual blackberry to pierce an apple like a bullet. The things that make me happy…

Here’s the original:

photo credit: Clampart

Some Edgerton photos I find inspiring (as a non-pro photographer):

photo credit: Wirtz Gallery

photo credit: Artsology

Don’t forget to credit your inspirations and sources people! Sharing is caring!

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