Shop It To YOU

Hey y’all

I’m currently working on a large post about how to save money and where to sign up for the quickest alerts on the fastest and cheapest things.

I couldn’t pass up an opportunity, though, to put a spotlight on Shop It to Me!

This is a website that delivers what you (I mean it) want to your e-mail address. You choose your sizes, your price range, your stores, your designers, your discount amount, your desired e-mail frequency, etc. They even have an option to pause e-mails (very good for events when VISA threatens to disown you or you go on vacation and will not be checking e-mail under the sun). Then they work their magic and send items to you.

My case for example? I love a plethora of designers. I have it set for under $175, in all my sizes, with a minimum of 60% off discount. It’s even better b/c they add in their own additional offers with certain stores.

You can even remove retailers. Why? Well Steve Madden and I are big-time enemies and I have taken a vow of nonpurchase after too many unhappy situations with the company/customer service/product. What did I do? Yaya clicked Remove retailer and didn’t hear from those good for nothings ever again!

I have an illustration to prove myself right too. Check it out:

Had to make the image smaller, so my apologies if it blurs. To sign up – click this icon/link below or in the sidebar, or type this into your browser: (see how accommodating I can be?)

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