Neeyuh Swap

Swap Time!

So Miss Neeyuh is the popular swapper right now, and I’m on the bandwagon! Here’s what I got from her:

-Sugar mania – pixie sticks and pop rocks
-2 palettes from LA Colors
(Eye Candy & Tease)
-2 palettes from Sally Girl
(Power Trip & Moolah)
Revlon lashes
Retro Glam illuminating lip gloss
-cute pink nail file
Lip Smackers
-and a flower that I am going to
use for my
Pin-up contest entry!!

We all know by now that I live on the first floor of my building and that packages left at the door go “missing” so I’m glad as always that people put up messages for the mailman! I think her handwriting is so adorable.

5 thoughts on “Neeyuh Swap”

  1. It was awesome swapping with you! I hope you like and enjoy everything!! Ohh and thank you for saying my writing is adorable I always get that it look like graffiti lol.


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