What a DRAG!

Contest Entry time!
Check out the details at Makeup Babble here.

The inspiration (I didn’t really have a specific look, I googleddrag makeup” and then ran with it):

I’m not too sure who to credit for the images – so sorry if this is yours.
Contact me and I will promptly fix that!!!

And this is what I did y’all!

The cheat sheet:

Click on the image for more clarity –
sizing was an issue with this photo shoot!

What y’all think? Prepare to vote for me!!!

9 thoughts on “What a DRAG!”

  1. OMG, YAYA!!! AMAZING ENTRY!!! =DYou’re so draggalicious…FIIERRCEThat lipgloss is so pretty!Ahh, reminds me I gotta do mine.The weather is sucky, so no good lighting for me. =/


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