Contest Entry

Hey y’all – I’ve been commenting on most of your blogs alerting you of the upcoming contest deadline and inviting you to enter.

Don’t get mad that it’s long/formal. I had to copy and paste!!

This is what you all got:

hey there, I noticed you were listed as one of the followers on my blog, and I just wanted to remind you of the upcoming deadline in the contest. If you wanted to register – now is the time. Just go to the main page – and enter your e-mail into the Form at the top of the page. The random choice of the winners will be done via another website, so I wanted to make sure everyone showing me support got a chance to win!

Thanks! Yaya

If you didn’t receive it, it just means I couldn’t find a way to reach you and I didn’t have much time to be a snoop and stalk you out. Please take this post as a personal invite to enter the contest. There is nothing that needs to be done other than enter your name.

People who are followers and have NOT entered their name will NOT be in the contest. This is b/c even if I enter everyone’s name into it (not everyone has their name on their blog – and may have entered with their name), I might have double entries for people who aren’t followers – giving people an unfair advantage. So that is the final decision. Enter or bust.

Excuse the inconvenience – I will make the next contest that much better through this experience. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Contest Entry”

  1. You lil doll face you!!!I just got your lovely package, and I LOVE IT, but proof is in my new video entry. THANK YOU sooo sooo much!!!!“revenge is sweet” *wink wink*


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