Back from the Sleep!

Hey y’all

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m going through a spell of not feeling so … well (rhymes hehe) and I didn’t have anything scheduled to post other than the contest guidelines.

I will prob need to head to the doc so don’t expect too much movement over here this week. I might schedule some posts but don’t get fussy if I don’t respond to e-mails/comments that quickly.

As far as the contest is concerned – there is no delay!! Everything is still on schedule and I am excited to see what everyone thinks of. Remember that the deadline is April 20, 2009. See the rest of the guidelines and details here.


In the meantime, feel free to vote for Miss yaya in Makeup Babble’s Drag contest. The voting ends Thursday April 9, 2009 so please hurry with your e-mails and comments on the contest post or at her e-mail addy (

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