LG of the Jury

Ladies and Gents of the Jury:

May I present to you: Peaches Geldof at the Uniqlo event wearing what the fellow fashion junkies at Jezebel call “clown makeup.” I don’t know if I can agree on the clown title, but I don’t agree with the makeup. To me it’s either goth and overdone with the blush/shadow, or overdone with the white and lacking another color or two…

Photo credit: via Jezebel to Getty Images

Your verdict?

2 thoughts on “LG of the Jury”

  1. Aw thanks for your comment!!! I agree with you, she does look very Goth, I’m guessing the velvet dress and cross hanging around her neck doesn’t help. Maybe she’s taking inspiration from Twilight? haha but I love her hair!


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