White Herve – LG of the Jury

MyOwnJudge - Rihanna Khlow Kardashian
Herve Leger is a brand synonymous for bandage dresses, starlets, and every it name you can imagine. The dress shape and tightness has been replicated but never duplicated, and thus we still drool over every new style with each season.

Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian wore the Fall 2010 white dress with lace up details recently to display their love to the brand (and their curves). Riri wore the style out to celebrate Katy Perry’s upcoming nuptials, whereas Khloe wore it to celebrate her anniversary celebrations. Funny that the color worked into the wedding theme unwittingly (or was it?).

Bring out the scorebooks my dear Ladies and Gents of the Jury. Who did it best?

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Blake Lively Scream Awards

MyOwnJudge - Blake LivelyIt girl Blake Lively experimented with fashion again on the runway for Spike‘s TV Scream Awards. She chose a gray two tone dress with a camel leather embellishment running down the middle.

The dress looks like there are three pieces to it, and they were added together in haste. Blake still pulls it off though, when she stands still. All of the photos of her from the event seem to show her fidgeting (or did she pose like this on purpose?) with the skirt of the dress to show off her gams, when they look just as fabulous peeking out of the skirt on their own.

Photo Credit: HotCelebsHome

She matched her heels to the neutral accent on the dress and kept the accessories to a minimum; a smart move for an ensemble that already has a lot to say.

The verdict in the courtroom is questionably innocent, but with some sort of parole. I need to see a toned down mini or classic Grecian drapery at the next event to make it up.

What do you guys think?

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Flattering vs. Fattening at the SAG Awards

How many of y’all caught the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards today? I caught my share of award shows for the month by watching the Golden Globes, so I logged in online to catch the fashions. Were they smashhhiiiiinnnn? 🙂

I have some opinions about the above mentioned shows, but I got just one question for you. How do you feel about Niecy Nash’s getup?

MOJ Niecy Nash at SAG Awards

Image credit: courtesy of ETonline.com and Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

I really like the beaded (or is it sequin-ed?) band on her dress and the black material overall. Makes her look silky smooth and slender in the midsection. The only qualm? I’m not sure how I feel about the ruched white part. I don’t know if there’s lots of push up, if she just has a lot to work with up there, or if she was better off having a lace overlay on it, or an all black dress.

What do you say Ladies & Gents of the Jury? Is this dress flattering or fattening?

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LG Of the Jury – Powerful Advertising

MOJ - Bobbi Brown
In the past year (and I’m talking the last 360 odd days and not just 2010 y’all), the emphasis on ‘real models’ and ‘real shapes’ has been growing. Of course, in a world where the advertising has veered so far from being the epitome of the majority of its customers to an extreme in the present; that is for the most part unattainable. I know there are plenty skinny girls who are so without the help of a finger down their throat or a two carrot and one grape diet of the day. I also know most of the women in the world are not suited to just one formula and for the majority have extra meat on their bones. You know – the more to love.

Glamour had a photo shoot with plus sized models, Seventeen and Teen Vogue offer a plus size body type variation when doing outfit suggestions, Dove had (and still does) have a ‘Real Women’ campaign, and the list goes on. In the end it will not be worth a mention, and that’s a good thing. When we stop oohing and ahhing over a ‘normal’ model gracing the big name mags that land at ‘normal people’ mailboxes and accept it as the new norm, it will be the best type of change.

Bobbi Brown has long been a cosmetics line that has the variety every ‘normal’ woman needs for her collection. The brand has (in my humble opinion) the largest range of skin tone and skin flattering everything – from lip glosses to foundations. So why the surprise when the makeup artist looked to everyday people for her new campaign? I’m not surprised. I’m loving it.

She kept it in office (I believe) as some of them have their positions listed. You can also click over to check out the Pretty Powerful Women and get to know them all.

MOJ - Bobbi Brown

MOJ - Bobbi Brown

I always mention how great advertising can have an impact on whether the product makes or breaks it for me and you won’t be surprised that I love this campaign.

I love when a Pretty Powerful Woman is catered to by enhancing what is most natural to the first part we see and keep in contact with the most – her face. I love advertising that caters to pretty and powerful women with uplifting messages than sex and the need to ‘improve.’

And you Ladies and Gents of the Jury? How do you feel about this Pretty Powerful Advertising?

P.s. There is a Pretty Powerful contest on the site starting on January 19, and a video featuring the ladies and their makeovers. I couldn’t embed the darn thing, so check out the video over here!

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Ladies and Gents of the Jury – The White Liner

It’s time for court again, and today we will be discussing the precedent of white eyeliner. Used as a decorative liner to ‘open up your eyes’ when used for the waterline, the liner should give you a bit of a doe eyed, mod lady look.

I like to use a bit of white shadow stuck in the inner corners of the eyes, because using white liner on my waterline makes me look odd. As far as actually lining your lids with white liner? Hmm, that’s a bit odd for me.

I found a defendant though, enter Sophie Monk.


What’s your verdict? What’s the best way to use white liner? Or lock it up for good?

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Peep Those Booties!

Do you ever think that some trends out there are only for the fashionistas and famous folk? Don’t get me wrong, I am almost always watering at the mouth for the latest, most expensive, and obnoxious fashions (in a good way), but I just have to admit sometimes that some items look best on my magazine pages and not on me.

My most recent vent victim? Peep toe booties. They are the most impractical concept in my mind. Why? Because the weather that I live in will either fry my toes while the rest of my foot is covered (like a slow cooker), or will freeze them as the rest of my body remains bundled up like the Michelin man. No, this trend I can admire from afar. On the girlies with no worries of below zero temperatures or those who only have to walk a handful of steps from car to door and vice versa.

LG Of the Jury

And you Ladies and Gents of the Jury? What’s your verdict?

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American Music Awards: Rihanna

Rihanna AMA 2009Yesterday was the first day in a couple of years that I got to catch the American Music Awards, or any awards show for that matter. When I was younger I would wait for the shows months in advance like it was a holiday coming up and now I barely give it a thought.

But my girl Janet Jackson was said to perform. In between American Football madness, those words could always break me out of any spell. I awaited her opening performance and sang along to each and every song telling anyone willing to listen which song used to be my favorite (there were plenty). Janet didn’t disappoint, but she didn’t wow either. As a matter of fact, that was how the whole show was for me.

So why the post? Y’all already know I don’t like to stand on my soapbox and spew negativity because there are so many good things to discuss. Good and questionable. Like Rihanna‘s new makeup.

Check out the video of her performance & more pictures after the jump.

Miss Riri has started sporting fabulously bright hues lining her bottom lids. This is bright waterliner colors to the max. From fuschia to plum-red, your girl has been lining the lowers & baring her uppers.


While I approve of the winged tip (it elongates the eye so you don’t even need to bother about what magic tricks your lids up top should be creating), I question the color choice. Though she carries the color well enough not to look sleepless or addicted (to anything other than fashion), I find it hard to believe anyone else could.

The color seems too close to the shade your eyes get post-irritation, and with the smudge factor of any girl’s life, this spells disaster for yaya.

On the flipside, I am absolutely in love with the new honey shade she darkened her hair to from the blonde she had before. It works much better with the darker shade around her temples and her skin tone.

And you? What’s your verdict?

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LG of the Jury: Sock It To Me!

When people speak of fashion faux pas and crimes, they often mention socks with sandals amidst the top five. I have to admit that personally, when I see socks with sandals I cringe a bit.

The trend has morphed a bit with the presence of colored stockings with summer shoes as the weather gets cold. So is there a difference?

Kate Spade lookbooks have always caught my fancy for their penchant for bright colors and using a diverse group of models in both ethnicity and age (I love me a grandma in a bright orange peacoat). The same with J. Crew. Their photos of short socks with sandals have yet to convince me though. Which brings me to the return of Ladies & Gents of the Jury.

The trend is not new of course. You can see plenty of images of a geisha wearing socks with thong slippers, and others through history. Check the runway? Burberry models were rocking the socks with sandals and even on top of stockings.


So Ladies & Gents of the Jury, what’s your verdict?

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LG of the Jury – Torn

PhotobucketFinally, this Thursday, Ladies and Gents of the Jury returns. As always, my apology for the delay lies with the scheduling conflicts that always surround a schedule full of beauty events and material to cover, and the exhaustion to follow. Can’t hate a gal for enjoying a snooze, can ya?

I have a dear friend who on occasion likes to tear the small holes in her denim into rather huge holes that tend to expose her knees or shins. To such an extent that one time, a parental unit of sorts (this was at a younger age) approached her with concern about her well being. He said her denim made her look like she had been mugged. This was more a joke at the expense of her hole-yness :), but that just further proves that a verdict is never the same with every juror.

This week, the verdict is out on torn edges. Beyond the distressed look on denim (and now leggings), torn edges have been used as one choice to the variety of embellishments. The following two ladies are lookers who both chose edges that didn’t see a sewing machine. Sienna Miller in NY (After Miss Julie Broadway opening night) and Paula Patton in NY (Angel Ball) as well.

Sienna Miller
Paula Patton
I feel like Sienna’s dress took it a bit too far with the distressing to the point that it looks truly distressed. This is how I feel people look after encounters with rose bushes or malnourished petkittens out for blood. Paula’s? I like it but could have done less fray. Maybe if the outside border wasn’t so?

Photo Credits: Sienna – WCBS & Getty, Paula – Zimbio & Photo Agency

What do you think Ladies & Gents of the Jury? What’s your verdict?

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Ladies & Gents of the Jury – Rihanna

PhotobucketSo you think you’re a pro jury now eh? You are!

I’m glad my readers get the chance to prance into my courtroom day in and day out to fulfill their judicial duties. I wouldn’t want anyone dodging my jury notices! With that, here’s the doozy for the week:

Enter into the courtroom Miss RiRi, Rihanna
Ever the fashionista, she has a fab photo shoot for the Couture Supplement in September’s Italian Vogue, and I want to know what you think!

Do you like it? What’s calling out to you?

Photobucket Photobucket

It’s definitely not a commercial look, so that’s out of the question. The diva in training has her gaze down, but I fear she might not have the versatility of a top model – her face seems to have the same expression in them all, no?


That of course doesn’t subtract from the awesome photography by Stephen Klein or the styling… Or even the beauty!

Photo Credit: Vogue Italia

I’m loving it, but who am I?

Ladies & Gents of the Jury: What is your verdict?

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