Doll Inspiration part 1

Hey y’all

Okay so are some of you having trouble getting inspiration?

This is a 2 part inspiration course for y’all.

Had to head over to my fave site…

Here are some pictures to get you rolling…

So there you have it – a geisha, a harlequin/clown, an alice in wonderland, a rag doll,and a chucky type doll (not in that order)… what do you have in mind?

I don’t mind if this sparked a light bulb in your head or served as inspiration for you. Both are fine.

To give credit where credit is due, each photograph’s description is linked to the artist’s profile. Y’all know I don’t play around with that – everybody gets the credit they deserve!!

Remember that the deadline is April 20, 2009. See the rest of the guidelines and details here.

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