Makeup Bag Contents

A while back, Rai posted about the contents of her makeup bag, and asked what everyone else had in theirs?

Here’s what’s in mine:

I have the Pop Beauty Eyeshadow palette I told y’all about, with a MAC & Sephora brush still inside it’s original container – but it’s makeup so it counts as in my makeup bag!!! The bag is clear b/c of course I have difficulty on a day when my brains refuse to function when finding things… Inside is a mini tissue pack, a nail file, disposable eye shadow applicators, a one time use Shout wipe, 2 Body Shop lotion samples, Juicy roll on mini perfume, MAC mascara, a mirror, nail polish, lip glosses and balms a-plenty, my USB stick, and a pen. Some of them are random right? Well… that’s yaya for you.

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