My Doll

Hey y’all

So since I was a little under the weather for the duration of the contest, I wasn’t able to put out my own look. But what would a contest be without my own look?!

Here’s my inspiration:

photo credit: GPB Television
photo credit: Amazon

Does anyone remember The Big Comfy Couch? The clown and her doll Molly? I remember watching this way past the age I should’ve been on days when I was bored and school was out (I’m not a soap opera gal), eating ice cream & all sorts of other junk before my mom got home.

I originally wanted to do the doll, but she didn’t have freckles or pigtails, and that made it more fun, so my look is a mix of both the main characters. 🙂

Can you see my blue lashes?! 🙂

I forgot to take a picture of what I used, so naturally, there will be an edit to this post to add that in.

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