Perez said it

So RiRi borrowed jewelry, then things happened. The LAPD is holding on to the jewels but the jewelers want it back, and quick or else you pay now! (Anyone else know what I’m referring to with that? Pearl the landlord? The FunnyorDie video?!? Scroll down!!)

I think it’s a funny situation though, beyond of what really happened – to tell the jewelers you borrowed from “the LAPD is holding it as evidence, can you give me a raincheck?”

Chat with Perez for all the scoop.

As far as the image goes, I got it from but I’m positive that’s not the original/correct credit. Too lazy to investigate, so if y’all want to correct me, go right ahead & I’ll fix it pronto. 🙂

And the FunnyorDie video? Aqui Aqui!

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