Every Gre-ige is Okay

MyOwnJudge Greige polishSomething about the right mix of grey and brown/nude that slims and decorates nails – it looks like they have a bit of attitude and cock up an eyebrow when you sport a mani. I can’t find a favorite shade though (nor can I stop buying more!!). Do you have a favorite shade?

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Search & Win

How We See Things

I haven’t done a Misc Mondays post in a while, but while rummaging the internet this past weekend, I found the most appropriate Monday icebreaker. While as you may image, I lost the linkback for the image, I will be adding it here as soon as I find it.

In the meantime, take a look at the picture. I found it on a foreign site, so I have no idea where the image is from. Seems to be an art exhibit. (Look at me all unprepared for discussion lol)

The inspiring factor was that the image initially is of a pile of rubbish but that it comes together to form something pretty relevant. Two people leaning against each other. Made me think about how often people look at the same things and yet have so many different takes on what they saw. They say no one sees a cloud the same way (but as soon as you see something and start explaining it to someone, they see what you mean… right? I always see clouds make puppy shapes… just the dog lover in me I guess).

As I start my Monday off, I will try to take a second look at what goes on around me and the opportunities placed before me so that I may see things in more ways than one. I suggest you do too!

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OCC has new colors!

Just in time to get me broke and crying – OCC has revealed that they have five new polish and lip tar colors.

Nudes: (left to right) Conquest, Petty Beige, Fondue


Pinks: (left to right) Anime, Hush

What do you guys think? I know these lip tars will create some yummy mixes with the other colors already present in the OCC roster.


What ya know?

So I was venturing around the Southstreet Seaport on my lunchbreak today to find that Claire’s has stepped up on their makeup! (Or is that just me?)

Their palettes are very reminiscent of LA Colors palettes in both packaging and pricing (their 40+ color palettes don’t go over $14, but I have yet to see the quality.

Their website has also undergone an upgrade with makeup tutorials.

Did you already know this? Whatcha think?

MAXed Out!

Any of y’all Max Factor fans?

Well if you’re a US fan, keep in mind they will no longer be selling in the States.

According to numerous news reports and whispers all around, it is said that Proctor & Gamble will cease sales of Max Factor in the states to favor the CG marketing and sales.

This change will go into effect with the coming new year, so if you’re a fan, stock it up.

Catch more info aqui:

WSJ || Trading Markets || Associated Press || NYMag

and more info from blogging beauties:

WalletPop || Jezebel || Fashionista || Bare Budget Beauty

To catch them while you can:

Drugstore.com (they’re having a BOGO) || BuyMeBeauty.com

What do you think about this news?

Were/Are you a fan?

Heidi & Seal

First let me say that I love this couple.

Second, when I was reading Us Weekly, where Heidi was announcing her 4th pregnancy, she explained (first time I heard it – although probably not the first time it was said) that they renew their vows every year with a themed celebration.

What was it this year? White trash

Image Credit: ETonline

I think the concept is sweet and that this year’s theme was funny. Last year (I think) they had an Indian theme.

Watcha think?

Swag Attack – Target


So it went as it always does – yaya goes in for contact lens solution and toilet paper (okay not always but necessities is what I mean!) and she leaves with an additional bagful of goodies.

I didn’t take pictures of the toilet paper or the contact lens solution, because … really.

I got a recycled cotton makeup bag and 3 Pixi makeup palettes. After getting home, and after a whole subway ride of thinking ‘why did I buy THREE more palettes?’ I decided I would probably only keep the bottom palette for myself and keep the other two for swaps and giveaways.

I also have never tried Pixi – have you?

CEW Awards

The CEW awards were announced! They gave out awards for numerous products with a lot of variety in price points and categories.

Take a look for yourself – view all entries, or view by category – they have a faulty link for “view all winners” so I suggest viewing by category and then clicking through the categories you want on the left sidebar.

This was the criteria for entries:

“Product must:

  • Have a primary benefit for use as a beauty product
  • Be available at retail outlets in the US in 2008
  • Be a new product release in 2008

NOT accepted in the 2009 Beauty Awards:

  • Gift sets
  • Re-packaging of existing products
  • Shade enhancements or additions for existing products
  • New sizes for existing products
  • Tools such as eye lash curlers, razors, tweezers, hair-styling tools
  • Oral care products
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Oral supplements
  • Limited edition products

Any surprises?