No (s)he didn’t!

New contest as promised!

To break out the month of May on a good note, I got a new one for ya:

Oh No (s)He Didn’t!!!
both girls and boys welcome to participate as always!

Do you like acting like the fashion police? Do you make faces at people who are not wearing a look the way a look is meant to be worn? Well this is your chance to educate the masses!
This contest asks you to take a Don’t and make it a Do, or vice versa! Make yourself heard!

What do I mean?

  • If it’s wrong to wear socks with sandals – you let them know w/pictures.
  • If it’s wrong to wear more than 8 patterns at once – your photograph can make a change in someone’s fashion life!
  • If it’s right to wear dramatic makeup with subdued lips – then warn the public of how not to go overboard!
Some inspiration (all images and links are clickable):

Glamour: The Do’s & Don’ts of dark lipstick.

and then you would post the do next to it.

Glamour: Star Style Do’s & Don’ts

Click here to see more Beauty Do’s and Don’ts from Glamour.
And then head on over to their Fashion Do’s and Don’ts!

The Fashion Police think this is a definite Don’t
How would you make it a do?

Do you think it’s a do or a don’t? What would you change to make it a do or a don’t for you?

Do’s and Don’ts to be done on your own.
No photoshopped pictures/editing.
Submit either a beauty OR a fashion do&don’t.

Now for the rules:

  1. There must be at least two pictures – 1 – the don’t – 2 – the do. Being that this is a makeup and fashion contest, I am not making it mandatory to post an “items used” photo – but if you can do a rundown for the readers of the brands/etc. that would be nice.
  2. You must post the look on your blog/page. If you do not have a blog, shoot me an e-mail so that we can work something out.
  3. E-mail me at to let me know what the link to your contest entry is. Also- enter a quick note about letting me use your images for when I post all entries. This is b/c I do not want to risk anything w/my computer and will not be opening e-mails with attachments, unless that is what we mutually agree on.
  4. Entries must be posted before/onMay 25, 2009. I don’t want to mess around with time zones, so all I know is this: On Tues 5/26/09 I will be posting all entries at 12pm my time (NYC). This gives you over three weeks to prepare, and will leave five (5) days for judging. To switch it up, this contest will be judged by a panel of people I know – it is to be decided if I let family, friends, etc. decide.
  5. There will be 2 winners. They will be chosen for best concept/look and one for best humor/originality. For every additional 5 entries after the first ten (10) entries, there will either be an additional runner up or another winner (i.e. 15 people = 3 prizes, 20 people = 4, etc.). Depending on who enters, and what the entries are about are what the prizes will be based on (from gift cards to makeup, to a mix, to clothes, etc.).

As I have stated previously, I would like to run a contest monthly. If you have suggestions for a new contest, or have feedback for the contest or the rules, you know what to do. My e-mail address is widely available on this here blog. 🙂

So excited to see what y’all think of!

3 thoughts on “No (s)he didn’t!”

  1. There's so much you could do with this contest that people wouldn't know where to begin haha. Great idea though.. very different! Today I did a post on all the contests & giveaways going on. I added your contest to the list. Hope it helps you get more entries!


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