CEW Awards

The CEW awards were announced! They gave out awards for numerous products with a lot of variety in price points and categories.

Take a look for yourself – view all entries, or view by category – they have a faulty link for “view all winners” so I suggest viewing by category and then clicking through the categories you want on the left sidebar.

This was the criteria for entries:

“Product must:

  • Have a primary benefit for use as a beauty product
  • Be available at retail outlets in the US in 2008
  • Be a new product release in 2008

NOT accepted in the 2009 Beauty Awards:

  • Gift sets
  • Re-packaging of existing products
  • Shade enhancements or additions for existing products
  • New sizes for existing products
  • Tools such as eye lash curlers, razors, tweezers, hair-styling tools
  • Oral care products
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Oral supplements
  • Limited edition products

Any surprises?

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