LA Girl Nail Polish Swatches

Here are the nail swatches I promised from my swag attack.

None of these had the name stickers, so use your imagination with the names!

All of the swatches were 3 coats unless otherwise noted.

This color goes on not so great on the first coat and wows by coat 3. I couldn’t capture the shimmer so well on camera, but it’s definitely there.

This one was so thick, it only needed one coat (but I did 3 anyway)

This pink and pastel orange ones were my faves as well but they were really light and were the only ones that needed about 4 1/2 coats.

These two metallic colors went on great.

This one was absolutely my MOST favorite!! The color is so bright and goes on not streaky at all and it’s just super special. I decided to use the confetti Wet N’ Wild polish on top of it to make it look even more fun:

I’m also still getting the hang of posing with the polish (lol) so be patient!

6 thoughts on “LA Girl Nail Polish Swatches”

  1. But of course I love that green too. Uh….sure you can find the same one and save it for me. You’re too kind. LOL!


  2. Nice swatches. You might want to update the title though as these are L.A. Girl brand not L.A. Colors


  3. Thanks for pointing it out! I didn’t catch that. Sometimes, when my fingers go on that keyboard – there’s no telling what they’re up to! lol


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