Talk About It

Tell me this y’all:

What product would cause the apocalypse for you if it was discontinued?

I can’t live without lipgloss in general (and am quite attached to Too Faced Mirror Gloss), but I also don’t go anywhere without my Chanel and MAC mascara. EVER. I would be one sad pup to ever see them pass. I would probably be devastated though, if mascara and lip gloss ceased to exist.

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What would leave you in shambles?

2 thoughts on “Talk About It”

  1. hmm.. that’s a tough question ms. yaya.. i’d probably go nuts if brow kit is non existent!! my brows look so bad without them.. :S and lipbalm too.. my lips would look like a dried pea all the time :S


  2. i’d be so sad if my HG products were discontinued! such as the lavshuca loose powder. they’ve revamped the formula and i hear it’s not as good…so i gotta savour the one i still have.


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