Heidi & Seal

First let me say that I love this couple.

Second, when I was reading Us Weekly, where Heidi was announcing her 4th pregnancy, she explained (first time I heard it – although probably not the first time it was said) that they renew their vows every year with a themed celebration.

What was it this year? White trash

Image Credit: ETonline

I think the concept is sweet and that this year’s theme was funny. Last year (I think) they had an Indian theme.

Watcha think?

6 thoughts on “Heidi & Seal”

  1. <>Carrie<>: They always think of fun stuff together

    <>Rai<>: I know! their kids are adorable

    <>Awesome Randomness<>: I think they are the perfect example of love and making it work 🙂

    <>Iyah<>: thanks for the support! I am def working on sprucing up the blog all the time

    <>MiuMiu<>: yeah they were wearing some outrageous stuff lol


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