Admit Your Guilt

So this Talk It Out Tuesday, is something that I’ve been thinking for a while.

Everyone knows that nothing is forever (oxymoron much?). Especially in terms of fashion and beauty. We are all aware of the expiration dates of cosmetics, and fashion goes in and out.

I have been guilty (and still am) of keeping makeup past the expiration (with concealer & foundation being the exception – those get chucked regularly). I know what’s going on with my lipglosses, etc. and I especially know how much they cost me. Sometimes I will hold on for much longer than I should.

Let it be known that I don’t keep things for decades to the point that they get funky – but I do certainly hold on. The same with clothes – I will definitely part ways with something that is destroyed, or is beyond repair, but if it becomes small, big, or unfashionable, there is nothing saying I won’t keep it… for a little while longer.

Here are the general rules for cosmetic shelf lives:

Blush/Bronzer: 2 years || Powder: 2 years
Concealer: 12-18 months || Foundation: 12 – 18 months
Eyeliner: 2 years || Eyeshadow: 2 years
Mascara: 3 months || Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months
Lip gloss: 18-24 months || Lip liner: 2 years || Lipstick: 2 years
Nail Color: 1 year

Here are some sites that have the shelf life of cosmetics & other info:

Now tell me – are you just as guilty?

5 thoughts on “Admit Your Guilt”

  1. Who isn’t guilty?! lmao.
    I’m not throwing anything out unless I clearly see it’s gross.

    But I did get rid of things before I organized my makeup. =D


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