MAXed Out!

Any of y’all Max Factor fans?

Well if you’re a US fan, keep in mind they will no longer be selling in the States.

According to numerous news reports and whispers all around, it is said that Proctor & Gamble will cease sales of Max Factor in the states to favor the CG marketing and sales.

This change will go into effect with the coming new year, so if you’re a fan, stock it up.

Catch more info aqui:

WSJ || Trading Markets || Associated Press || NYMag

and more info from blogging beauties:

WalletPop || Jezebel || Fashionista || Bare Budget Beauty

To catch them while you can: (they’re having a BOGO) ||

What do you think about this news?

Were/Are you a fan?

One thought on “MAXed Out!”

  1. I never tried Max Factor, but Max Factor has other makeup though.
    It's more popular in Europe than here, which happens a lot.

    I'll buy it once it's on sale though! =D Oh and I'm getting your swap items together, there's some nail polish I want to add!!


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