Judge This! Male

This week, for the Ladies and Gents of the Jury series, I wanted to put a spotlight on the males. If we’re going to judge – we cannot discriminate!

Originally I wanted to solely do it about the male performers at Hot 97 Summer Jam 2009, but after looking through photos, there really isn’t that much diversity. Click here if you want to check the photos out for yourself.

Here’s what y’all really need to get a verdict in for:

Remember Jesus Luz? Madonna‘s boytoy?

He snagged the D&G campaign (all the way to the right) along with plenty other hot and current names, but the whispers all around are that nobody likes him in this shoot. I think it is mostly the placement of him in the photo that looks awkward and admittedly photoshopped.

Photo credit: photo via NYMag courtesy Dolce & Gabanna

And your verdict?

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3 thoughts on “Judge This! Male”

  1. lol. I just noticed he looked a bit photoshopped into the picture.

    He's kind of hot, but since he messes with Madonna he is not.

    But the guy on the table… now that's the weird part of this ad…..he looks “pleased.”


  2. @rai – yeah that guy does look odd… but D&G and Diesel always have quetionable ad concepts :)~

    @fashion herald – yeah they look like they cut him out and pasted him in the picture…


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