Magazine Weekend – All You June 2009

Happy weekend everyone! We are back on schedule with posting and I would love to hear how you’re liking this series.

The issue I read back to back is All You Issue 6 for June 26, 2009 with the main article of losing weight in a week on the cover.

I found the article about updating the nude face a refreshing change to all the other new and trendy looks we hear about, because this is something every gal turns to year in and year out. Here’s some advice on how to update your nude look for the times:

The magazine talked about losing weight in seven days as a form of a master cleanse that many people hear about. They gave a recipe for a drink in the morning, advised that you eat a full meal midday and that you top it off with tea in the evening. Being that this is a drastic reduction in caloric intake, they wisely recommend that this only be followed for 7 days as a jump start or a cleanse for your system. Though this always sounds like the thing that I need to do, I know myself too well to know that this will be more torture – so my fitness regimen since mid-May has been to drink uber amounts of water and to cut down on the late night food binges with some workouts to replace those. I have lost 5lbs so far and look forward to updating you on the rest!

If you feel like you have some extra pounds, or if you’re at your goal, remember that confidence, comfort, and health are the only things that ever matter. Clothes and women come in all sizes!

Also – the magazine was offering another makeup tip – the new trend of pairing gray and pink together. This is a combination that many of you have probably tried out already, but since I was enjoying the article, I decided to do an inspiration board for y’all!

Shoot me an e-mail to if you would like me to explore other/have topics and/or magazines, or for general opinions of what’s in magazine weekend.

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7 thoughts on “Magazine Weekend – All You June 2009”

  1. MISS YAYA, YOU SPOIL ME! I just got the package of goodies yesterday and I was SOOO surprised! You are too sweet and you didn't have to do that! Thank you SOOO much, I just posted a pic on my blog and now you'll just have to wait for me to surprise you!


  2. Thanks for adding the “Give Your Face an Update” insert. I really need to put down the black liquid eyeliner, but I'm so used to it that I always reach for it! & I def agree with adding a nude lipstick darker than your lips. I think most people go too light when they go for a nude lip, but I feel that it shouldn't be too light or else it makes people look like they're sick. Not every womans lips are that light, so women should def experiment & try to find a nude shade that's right for THEM!

    & I hear ya bout international shipping. Not only do they not give you tracking codes, but shipping to Canada takes forever for some reason. Or maybe I'm just getting impatient with anticipation hehehe 🙂


  3. @Makeup Mama – you are very welcome my dear – I def tried to mail the package to you in between Mother's Day and your birthday but I am a procrastinating maven!

    @lipstickrules – thanks for the support! I am heading over to yours now!

    @Saimese – I actually have been having a hard time using black liner as lately I feel like with my lack of sleep I need light colors to pull less attention to that fact lol!

    @fashion herald – thanks! I'd love to find a jacket like that hehe, and no – a cleanse is not a procedure I'd be likely to follow.. EVER


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