Judge this!

Not too long ago, I was reading Life & Style magazine and the cover was all about the “drama” of Megan Fox vs. Angelina Jolie. The claims are that as Angelina gets older, Megan is deliberately stealing her spotlight and possible roles. This was highlighted by a statement from the Lara Croft crew – saying that they wanted Megan to do the next sequel b/c she is younger. Around the same time, Miss Fox had an interview with Entertainment Weekly in which she showed no amusement with the comparison. You can also check it out here from UsWeekly.

So I don’t know if y’all know this about me – but as much as I may read tabloids, it pretty much just slides off my shoulders once I’m done. A lot of it is good and quick entertainment on a subway ride, or in the bathroom (yeah I said it!). Ultimately, the media always makes something big out of nothing, and generally all the time us being outsiders to situations of the rich and ludicrous :)~ just means that we only know what we see.

But let’s be superficial.

I’m going to show you the cover of the mag. Then, I’m going to show you Angie at the Cannes Film Festival, followed by Megan Fox at the Transformers premiere in Germany (red) and Tokyo (purple). Your job, Ladies & Gents of the Jury is to decide if this is a case of the copycat or the leggy sexmachines.


Photo Credit: Life & Style & HotCelebsHome.Com

Your verdict?

3 thoughts on “Judge this!”

  1. I love the purple dress on Megan Fox. Other than that, Angelina Jolie still takes the crown. There's something bout Megan Fox that I don't like that much & I def don't think she's the hottest woman in the world


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