Magazine Weekend – Glamour 2009

Happy weekend everyone!

The issue I read back to back is Glamour for June 2009. I have already posted about this magazine last weekend, but the juicy advice is just too good to share with you this weekend as well.

With the tightening of everyone’s budget – I found it good to hear some advice for how to dress and be stylish at work and still keep your job. We don’t all want to be black slacks and white button down drones, now do we?

There was also some more, with the one and only Giorgio Armani. Zoe Seldana had a photo shoot to accompany his advice, and both were a good time to read.

Some advice he had:

say to yourself, I know what I like, and if fashion proposes something that’s not me, forget it.

wearing a dress with just one piece of jewelry guarantees that you bring attention to that single piece

His mother’s advice to him: if you wish to create beauty, do only what is necessary and no more

we can’t take couture and ‘important’ evening dresses too seriously

Photo credit: & Zoe Saldana Image Gallery

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