Red, Bright, and Winter Blues

Ever since I was little, colder weather meant stern-er clothing. Break out the bleak and the dark. Maybe it was a daylight savings time phenomenon, but the all black uniform applied more often when the sun was less social.

Me? Give me a reason to wear (or purchase and let it sit in my closet for years before I notice it) a neon lime sweater and I’m all ears. If you don’t have the acquired taste for neons and brights when the weather sends your knees a-knockin’, take cues from favorite mags for December and January on wearing colors not as loud, but with just as much voice.

Red White and Winter Blues

Granted, the magazine shoots are done months in advance, but you can’t help loving the pop of brightness in each photo. This makes me concede to blondes having fun, well – at least in these photos. Take that military jacket in red instead of black when you shop, and try on a sunny yellow tunic for a snowy day.

Have you injected a bit of color into your winter wardrobe? Plan to? Let me know!

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Magazine Weekend – Glamour 2009

Happy weekend everyone!

The issue I read back to back is Glamour for June 2009. I have already posted about this magazine last weekend, but the juicy advice is just too good to share with you this weekend as well.

With the tightening of everyone’s budget – I found it good to hear some advice for how to dress and be stylish at work and still keep your job. We don’t all want to be black slacks and white button down drones, now do we?

There was also some more, with the one and only Giorgio Armani. Zoe Seldana had a photo shoot to accompany his advice, and both were a good time to read.

Some advice he had:

say to yourself, I know what I like, and if fashion proposes something that’s not me, forget it.

wearing a dress with just one piece of jewelry guarantees that you bring attention to that single piece

His mother’s advice to him: if you wish to create beauty, do only what is necessary and no more

we can’t take couture and ‘important’ evening dresses too seriously

Photo credit: & Zoe Saldana Image Gallery

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Magazine Weekend: Glamour June 09

Happy weekend everyone! For this issue of Magazine Weekend, we are reading Glamour Magazine with Renee Zellweger on the cover.

The article that I found interesting was advice from popular designer Michael Kors.

I don’t know if any of you read Glamour, but they are well known for their “Do’s & Don’ts” photo essays/features. Here, Michael Kors breaks down the rules about baring skin.

Sorry for the jumble here – I didn’t account for much space and it’s a little tight this weekend around, eh?

What do you guys think? Do you agree/disagree? Let me know!

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